Not all of your Leads will come into contact with your sales department although their Lead Scoring is high. Analyzing the Greece Email List over time. If you notice, for example, that a Lead has completely stopped his visits to your website for 1 month, that he no longer answers commercial calls and that he no longer opens the emails you send, he will be then time to attribute negative points to this Lead in your Lead Scoring. Not because it is poorly configured at the start, but because your Lead Scoring will evolve as your Marketing and sales teams work on the leads generated on your website.

For this, you must make sure that your Marketing and sales teams come together during Smarketing meetings in order to address the quantity but above all the quality of the leads generated. The objective of these meetings is to understand, through the quality of the leads, the relevance of the information collected and especially the score linked to this information. For example, if the sales department is very satisfied with the quality of the leads who filled out a demo request form, 90% of sales reps signed with these leads regardless of the size of the company regardless of its turnover. business or its number of employees, you will need to increase the score assigned to this form in your Lead Scoring.

Optimizing your Lead Scoring is imperative

Meetings between sales and marketing are an important source of information that facilitates the development of your Lead Scoring. The evolution of the definition of your Lead Scoring directly depends on the optimization of the treatment of your leads. We must send an e-mail containing high added value content “in preparation for the appointment. If the prospect intends to crush us, they do it now and we save time… and money! Want to Generate Quality Appointments and Stop Getting Stuck? To find out, I recommend that you simply analyze your actions and see which frequencies are the most effective. Do you want to optimize the results of your digital marketing strategy while meeting the expectations of decision-makers? Opt for Inbound Marketing!


We stayed in touch and regularly talked about our dailies until we realized the obvious: prospecting is no longer just the business of the salesperson. The marketing department must now generate qualified and mature leads so that the salesperson can devote all of his time to converting them into customers. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue The B2B decision-maker imposes it on you: he wishes to carry out the majority of his purchasing thinking on the Internet alone and only agrees to speak to a salesperson after having formed a precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. Suddenly, he no longer expects a salesperson to present his offer to him. He demands that the salesperson offer him a personalized and contextualized approach. And that takes time!

The salesperson can no longer lose

B2B Marketing Lesson 4: SEO is dead, long live Cluster Topics. Okay, so I know I’m going to attract the wrath of some SEO experts. I admit, there is a bit of provocation in this marketing lesson, but I’m not that far from the truth. 80% of our blog visitors come from search engines. We are regularly 1 ers on keywords that interest us. How did we do it? Initially, I applied traditional SEO techniques. Over the years, I realized that they were evolving too quickly and that they were less and less effective. Why? Because the competition applies them and because Google is fed up with technicians rigging search results. Google is therefore making every effort to improve its algorithm.

And offer Internet users the most relevant results and not the best optimized. To properly rank your website on Google in B2B, using keywords is no longer enough. We are therefore leading a more comprehensive SEO strategy based around Cluster Topic. Cluster topic to properly reference your website. A Cluster Topic is a key subject on which we want to be recognized by Google as an expert. We are therefore structuring our content creation around this subject. B2B Marketing Lesson # 5: You have to measure the performance of your actions. Again, I learned this lesson the hard way. I recommend that all my clients analyze their Digital Marketing actions. However, for the first 3 years.

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