The way of buying in B2B has changed profoundly, making lead generation a major issue for your business. Your Senegal Email List qualified leads. To do this, here are the 4 essential prerequisites for a successful B2B lead generation strategy. Work on your Personas. A persona is the typical profile of your ideal client. A successful B2B lead generation strategy inevitably begins with the work of your personas which will allow you to fully understand the expectations, needs, and behaviors of your target. To succeed in your Personas, here are 2 important points: Work on your Personas with the sales department; The second point is essential (the first too!): In the majority of B2B companies that we meet.

Personas are only worked on by Marketing. And it gets stuck! Marketing does not have the important field vision to work well with Personas. Suddenly, he generates leads that he thinks are of quality but when he transmits his marketing leads to salespeople, he is disillusioned. New call-to-action. Understand their Purchasing Journey. B2B lead generation also requires a good understanding of your target’s buying journey. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. The key to successfully generating B2B leads is getting the right message, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. For this, it is essential to know its issues and the questions that arise throughout the purchasing journey to create quality content.

Talk to your best customers

Write High Value-Added Content. Content is the fuel of your B2B lead generation strategy. To generate leads, you need to write content that will grab and hold the decision maker’s attention in their buying thinking. B2B lead generation stats. 61% of B2B decision-makers start their buying thinking on a search engine. They actually lead on average alone between 65% and 90% of this thinking. The key to B2B lead generation lies in your ability to write content that will answer the questions that decision-makers ask themselves in their buying thinking. No more promoting your offers. You must help! Optimize your Conversion Tunnel. To generate leads, you have to convert your visitors. To convert your visitors into leads.



You need to set up a conversion funnel on your website. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. A conversion funnel consists of 4 key elements: The principle is simple: you encourage your visitor to fill out a form for a premium content offer. A white paper, a webinar, a demo request… It’s up to you! Do you want to generate more qualified B2B leads? Switch to Inbound Marketing in 120 Days: How many times do I see myself offered a demo or a quote when I arrive on a website when I don’t even know the brand? Now is clearly not the right time! To avoid all these blunders, I recommend that you set up a global Inbound Marketing strategy.

This naturally brings us to the next prerequisite

Generate Qualified Leads and Convert them Faster and More Often with Inbound Marketing: And this is for 2 main reasons: First, these technical improvements are made by the majority of B2B companies. They are no longer sufficient. Then Google updates its algorithm an average of 500 times a year. Its objective: to do everything possible so that the best-referenced websites are the most qualitative and not the smartest. The performance of your websites such as the bounce rate or the time spent on your website comes into play. It is therefore imperative to work on the SEO of your website in accordance with the expectations of the modern B2B buyer. This is the great strength of our agency and our specialty since 2013.

The challenge here is to know them all and master them. As we saw earlier, Google is constantly updating its algorithm. To meet its expectations, we monitor the best practices to be observed in order to properly reference a B2B website. This allows us to anticipate future SEO developments. This is our role as a digital marketing agency for innovative and technological companies. We believe in Return on Investment. If you want to improve your SEO, we won’t work with you. Our agency is hardwired for lead and revenue generation. Each of our actions aims to bring a return on investment. For this, it is essential that we agree together on SMART objectives.

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