We have not stopped opposing B2B and B2C for years. Today, this opposition no longer exists because B2B and B2C are dead. We are no Indonesia Email List or Business to Consumers: we are talking about Human to Human. It’s time to revisit your marketing and sales strategy. I remember my Marketing classes in college over 10 years ago. Even older, my SES, Economic and Social Sciences classes in high school. We were told about the differences between B2B and B2C, it was even a common question in the interiors of the time. However, these concepts are totally obsolete. The Internet and social networks have profoundly changed the situation.

In class, in high schools, universities, or business schools, we still talk about B2B and B2C. B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing… You are wasting your time! When I launched my marketing agency in 2013, I did not have a positioning between B2B and B2C. Then I noticed in the field that positioning reassured decision-makers. So after a few months, I became a B2B marketing agency. In other words, in theory, I only support companies that have Business customers, like them. But to be honest, this distinction doesn’t really have an impact on the strategies I put in place. The reason is quite simple: the buyer, whether in B2B or B2C, is human. Internet does not dehumanize Marketing, on the contrary!

It hasn’t changed much today

The Internet puts people back at the center of marketing and sales strategies. Or to be more precise: the buyer, driven by the Internet and Social Networks, requires you to place people at the center of your marketing and sales strategy. With the Internet and Social Networks, the buyer is overwhelmed with information and has become very suspicious of the intentions of companies. The buyer therefore drastically sifts the information that reaches him and only consults the content that brings him value. To grab and buyer’s attention – and hold it – you need to send the right message to the right person at the right time and in the right place. We are talking about nobody.


In other words, you must no longer sell your products, you must bring value to the buyer by helping them solve their problems and by supporting them in their purchasing reflections. Because that’s what it is all about: you don’t have to sell anymore, you have to help. B2B lead generation stats. The buyer now leads alone between 65% and 90% of his purchase thinking. The challenge of H2H Marketing is to accompany it during this trip. Comment? By offering him – via all the Digital Marketing levers at your disposal – content answering the questions he asks himself according to his degree of maturity. For this, it is essential to understand your purchasing journey in order to know your expectations.

A good marketing strategy doesn’t sell

These platforms have hundreds of millions of users. Do not neglect to promote your content. This method is not only important for promoting your content but it is also important for your Google SEO. To properly rank your website and keep your good SEO afterward, it is essential to regularly update your content. The idea is to retouch your best-performing content at least once a year. You can update data or visuals for this. Updating your content is also a good reason to share it again on social networks. Just because your content is on the internet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote it in real life (In Real Life – IRL). The blog allows us to be regularly solicited to lead workshops and conferences around Digital Marketing.

Our service provider who manages our website refuses to give us the access codes to the back office. The website is not responsive while our traffic comes mainly from mobile. The quotes are present because those are quotes that we have heard before. We take advantage of each of these appearances to promote our content by referring participants to our website. Networking is also a good opportunity to promote your content. Want To Generate More Return On Investment With Your Web Content? Opt for Inbound Marketing! You can therefore convert your blog articles, synthesize them, into E-mails that you will send to your prospects according to their level of maturity and their problems.

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