Emailing and the newsletter are always effective levers in a marketing and Inbound Marketing strategy . However, there are Taiwan WhatsApp Number List intended for individuals (in B to C) and that intended for professionals (in B to B).

The context is different. Individuals can read their emails whenever they want, at home. In front of the TV with your tablet or smartphone, on weekends, even at work! This is not the case in B to B.

In B to B, the recipient of your emailing or newsletter can only read the content of your message during his working day. Already busy. He therefore has little time to devote to your message. The first rule to adopt in your B to B emailing strategy: be brief, concise, and relevant. Sarbacane Software offers an infographic on the state of B to B Emailing in France:

Emailing B to B, a ridiculous reading time …
Explore our unicode text generator for a wide range of different fonts. Type in your normal text and then choose whatever you want to use. The mirror text is basically the exact same text that you would get when you have your text facing a mirror. Print out the text and hold it up to a mirror and it should read the correct way.

B To B Emailing, A Computer And Outlook

This infographic tells us that 52% of recipients spend less than 10 seconds reading your newsletter. 17% spending only between 0 and 2 seconds. You barely have time to put your message in the trash.

91% of B to B Email recipients open the email from a computer. 73% from Windows and 59% from Outlook. Only 8% of recipients open your emailing via Gmail. This information is important and clearly gives the best practices to follow for a successful B to B Emailing campaign:

– Be brief and to the point. You need to grab the recipient’s attention

– Use a title that is relevant but not touting


– Test the rendering of your B to B emailing on all platforms, especially Outlook

You should also work on your B to B emailing so that it has the lowest possible probability of being considered SPAM.

The protections in companies are clearly on a different level than in individuals. You must therefore follow all the rules to limit the risk of your message ending up in the spam. To go further

Try to add your personal note, with a comment, number or additional tip. You can even give your opinion on the point of view expressed in the article.

Emailing & Newsletter, The Mistakes To Avoid

Simply retweeting content or sharing a Facebook post, without added value, risks losing interest to your audience. Your prospects and customers follow you because they are interested in you. They’ll want to know what you think of the resource you’ve shared. You don’t need to add a long explanation. One or two short sentences explaining why this content is valuable is enough.

An example of highlighting content on social networks through content curation
In this tweet, In Extenso asks a question and extracts a powerful figure to appeal to its subscribers and make them understand that the article is of interest to them.
# 6 – Track the performance of your shared content
The content resulting from the curation must be integrated into the analysis of your content marketing. To meet your goals, it is important to know the performance of shared links. The goal is to know the preferences of your audience in order to optimize your strategy as you go.

Properly implemented, content curation adds value to your content marketing! Consider adopting it to improve your image as an expert, increase your visibility and create a unique link with your audience. Do you want to attract more customers with the Internet? Check out our guide!

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