Promoting an innovative product is no easy task. By definition, the buyer does not suspect the existence of your Madagascar Email List look for you. How to get his attention in this situation? Here are 5 avenues to explore to promote your innovative product. If you had to explore just one of the avenues in this article, it would be this one. I have a very strong opinion on the subject and I was able to validate its veracity by supporting my clients: it is essential to have a company blog to publicize an innovative product. The reason is quite simple: the buyer conducts the majority of his purchase thinking on his own, usually on the web.

The buyer searches the Internet for information around the problems he encounters and identifies and then compares the solutions available to him. Problem: As an innovative business, there is no chance that the buyer will find your website if it only promotes your product. By definition, the buyer does not suspect the existence of your new product and therefore does not look for it. To attract the attention of the buyer, you must write content on your website responding to the issues they encounter and the questions they ask themselves throughout their buying thinking. Adding a blog section to your website is therefore an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of the buyer: you objectively address the issues of your target to attract them to your website.

Create A Corporate Blog

And then subtly place your innovative offer as a relevant solution. To go further, here are 5 steps to generate leads with a blog post. Who says innovative product says immature market. Innovating gives you a clear competitive advantage, but to take advantage of it, you need to do everything you can to grab the buyer’s attention and convince them to trust you. Among our customers, we notice that almost ¾ of the leads that we generate are not ready to buy immediately. They are not mature. This is the challenge for all innovative companies: to make an innovative product known and gain new customers. You have to accept having to feed the buyer’s thinking.


How to do it concretely? You must put in place a marketing and sales strategy accompanying the buyer throughout the buying journey. Buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing. Depending on their position in the buying journey, you must send the buyer content that answers the questions they are asking in order to move them through the buying journey and bring them into the Decision phase. For this, you can in particular use Lead Nurturing which is a function of Marketing Automation allowing you. To program sequences of personalized automatic e-mails sent according to the behavior of the buyer on your website and towards your customers. communications. Use the right social networks.

Feed The Buyer’s Thinking

Social networks are essential to promote an innovative product. There are many opportunities there. First, you can share your blog posts on social networks to attract users to your website. Then you can use the Live feature to make real-time demonstrations of your innovative products and interact with the buyer. Social networks are also an excellent opportunity for teasing as part of the launch of an innovative product. I have also written an article here presenting the 5 steps to follow to promote an innovative product launch on social networks. Free guide: how to boost your business with Internet and Social Networks? Solicit influencers. Influencer Marketing is on the rise and is a real opportunity for innovative companies.

If influencer marketing is so popular, the reason is quite simple: the buyer is well aware that companies like you and we do everything to get their attention on the Internet. Suddenly, the buyer attaches much more importance to the opinion of a person outside the company. Influencers have a very targeted and engaged audience. They enjoy unwavering confidence (or almost…!) With their subscribers and know how to communicate well on the Internet. So do not hesitate to solicit influencers to have them test your innovative product and encourage them to promote it. Switch to Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is a strategy to attract customers to you. It is a strategy very popular with innovative companies since it perfectly meets.

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