Showcasing reviews and previous customer experiences have the power to give your brand credibility from a third party – this is what comes closest to magic that increases sales. Here is an example from keurig’s website: showcase relatable content for improve your conversion rate showcase relatable content India Phone Number for improve your conversion rate  keurig decided to implement customer reviews as a central theme of their website. They ran contests and sent newsletters to incentivize and encourage customers to review their products and leave comments. The results were huge. Keurig saw a % increase in conversion rates from visitors who interacted with these testimonials. 

Compelling ugc need by no means be restricted to just reviews. Boosting conversion rates all start with the ability to keep visitors on your site. And the best content ideas don’t start with doing; they start with listening. A great strategy is to monitor social media to get an impression of your target India Phone Number audience and their opinions. Questions. And concerns. Tools like mention and brandwatch are awesome for keeping tabs on what others are saying about you. Your competitors. Or your industry in general. With such insights. You will get a good sense of what type of audiences. Personas and segments you need to create and display content for.

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Gopro is one of the best examples of how to showcase stellar content. The “watch” channel on their website is a platform in which the customers themselves can share their life’s most memorable experiences. Captured on – what else – a gopro camera. Go pro for improve your conversion rate the reason gopro India phone number is so effective with their content is because it delves deeper into the concept of owning a video camera. This being that people don’t buy cameras just to capture the highlights of their lives. They buy them to share these experiences.

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When a visitor goes on the gopro website. They are exposed to a countless number of breathtaking customer experiences and are encouraged to create their own. This genius form of content marketing provides so much more than just a customer experience. Gopro provides a vehicle for customers to India Phone Number create their own experiences with the product. And a community to share it. For perspective. There are over . Gopro tagged videos uploaded to youtube every day. Of course. Content creation is far from a one-size-fits-all entity. Each industry has its own audiences with their own concerns and desires. 

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The best way to stick to a successful content strategy is to produce two-way material that aims to educate. Promote. And tell a powerful story that gives the viewer a clear-defined takeaway. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment. You never know when you might strike gold. . Speed up your site the average human attention span is at an all-time low: it currently stands at about  seconds. With this in mind. Everything on a web India Phone Number property – be it a website or an app – needs to run smoothly. And more importantly. Fast. When google returns its search rankings. Website speed is a huge factor. So you need to do absolutely everything you can to stay in the reckoning.

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