As a sales professional, in addition to your fundamental topics in mind, you have a daily race against the clock. The to-do list Argentina Phone Numbers List arrive on your desk. You must therefore be efficient: here are 4 tips to prospect faster and better. Since you will already have established a relationship between your business and the prospect through your marketing strategy, the salesperson will be more legitimate and will be able to more easily ask the right questions allowing them to establish a convincing personalized business proposition. Working harder to find new clients doesn’t have to mean success. On the other hand, working smarter will make you more efficient.

To optimize your commercial prospecting, digital brings you a lot of opportunities. In order to help you take the step towards a more efficient digital B2B prospecting, we share with you 4 tips to gain in productivity and optimize your return on investment. One of the best ways to automate your prospecting efforts is through email. Take a look at the list of your emails sent to your customers over the past 3 months and take stock: Do you find it logical to write the same emails over and over to your customers and prospects? Are email copying and pasting your daily life? Do you know which of your emails gets the most return from your contacts?

You Do Not Animate Your Website Enough

The lack of time encountered by all sales professionals combined with the amount of technology helping to simplify writing e-mail leads us to give you the first of the tips for prospecting well when you don’t have the time. To prospect quickly and well, equip yourself with an automation solution. There are many email automation and performance tracking platforms like Yesware, HubSpot. Marketo. These tools simplify the use of emails by creating Templates, organizing mailing lists, automatic personalization and performance statistics. CRM is still underused by French SMEs. In 2015, only 19% of SMEs between 10 and 249 people used a CRM for their customer relationship. However, to follow the daily conversations with the prospects.


It is an essential tool. Properly fed, the CRM allows you to retrieve all the critical information about your customer. From the preparation of an appointment through the monitoring of the evolution of the reflection of your biggest future contract, the CRM makes it possible to store all the important information. Beyond this information collected by your exchanges with your customers and prospects, make sure you can use a tool that will collect information from outside. A dynamic CRM allows you to display your contact’s LinkedIn profile, their last post or their last comment. This information makes it possible to establish a close relationship with your contact. So the preparation of a meeting or a prospecting call should not take more time than the appointment itself.

Use A CRM For Your Prospecting

What could cost you 20 minutes or more of valuable selling time comes down to seconds. The professional social network par excellence LinkedIn can be very effective in your business prospecting. Be visible: feed your profile with keywords relating to your areas of expertise. During specific research from your prospects, you will appear in their results. Join groups: Groups on LinkedIn bring together a large number of professionals. Identify the groups in line with the profile of your activity. This allows you to connect with your prospects. Adopt the “Give and Get” posture: Give recommendations and get them back. It is a good way to strengthen trust between actors and therefore establish relationships.

Do not hesitate to comment on articles or publications shared by your prospects. Relay Information: To attract visits to your profile, be sure to post interesting and value-added information to your prospects. By attracting your prospects to your page, you will have more ease and legitimacy to get in touch with them. Do you want to go further? Here are 4 steps to prospecting well on LinkedIn! On another note, Twitter also allows you to connect with your B2B prospects. By following up on and interacting with your potential customers, you start the conversation that you can always carry on by email or phone. To find out what’s going on with your client.

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