You need to attract new customers. To attract these new customers, you need qualified leads. Do you see what I mean? In this Brazil Phone Number List works in concert with the sales department. Marketing and Sales aren’t naturally wired to work together. Marketing is a medium / long term affair while Commercial has short term objectives. However, the buyer forces you to collaborate. To generate qualified leads that salespeople can convert, these leads must perfectly match the ideal prospect profile. Also, to meet their customer and revenue goals, sales reps need to process a specific volume of leads that you, Marketing, need to provide to them. You do not promote your Marketing actions.

Not promoting is like winking at a girl in the dark. Only you know what you are doing! This is the quote that we put forward on our business cards. You can implement the best marketing strategy in the world, organize the best events and create quality content on your website, if you don’t say it, no one will know! A successful marketing strategy is a marketing strategy that integrates social networks, e-mailing, or even online advertising. You must do everything possible to attract qualified visitors to your website in order to convert them into prospects. We are talking about Inbound Marketing strategy: without it, no ROI. You don’t measure the performance of your actions.

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Automate to a better prospect. The buyer demands more from you. The buyer no longer expects you to sell your offers but to guide them through the buying journey. They needs you to show them that you are the best person to solve their problem and help them achieve their goals. To meet their expectations, you must personalize your approach and offer them a unique experience. No more flavorless sales presentation: you need to prove to your prospect that you have a good grasp of their objectives and challenges and that you know how to solve them. All this takes time and that is why it is important to save time by automating these sales prospecting actions.


Another just downloaded your white paper? Emailing them to sign up for your webinar would be helpful. This is what Marketing Automation allows you. Your emails being personalized and contextualized, the result is optimal. Marketing Automation to track your leads. To follow the progress of your prospect and have the best chances of converting him into a customer, it is essential to know his progress on your site which reflects his progress in the purchase journey . Marketing Automation allows you to receive alerts in real-time as soon as one of your leads takes an action demonstrating that he is ready to make his purchasing decision. Marketing Automation to identify your best prospects

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Many Marketing Automation tools are coupled with CRM functionalities. This is very useful for doing Lead Scoring and thus classifying your prospects in order of preference. This helps you focus your efforts on a handful of prospects, the most mature and close to your ideal customer profile. The advantages of Marketing Automation for the CEO. Marketing Automation to increase revenue. By implementing a marketing automation tool, we are seeing an increase in clients’ LTV (life time value). Indeed, the possibilities of cross-selling are more easily identified through segmentation in “smart lists”. These lists are established according to criteria specific to the identity of your customers but also in relation to their purchases and behavior on your site.

In addition, the collection of information throughout the life of your customers makes it possible to establish statistics and predictions of purchases. Overall, the ROI of actions towards your customers and leads improves since they are based on collected data and not on intuition. The tool here gives you the opportunity to move from the era of the “wet finger” to the era of Data-Driven Decision. Marketing Automation to limit manual tasks. Using Marketing Automation software, an employee can automate a large set of tasks. No more repetitive actions, copy and paste and other daily actions with low added value. The time freed up by Marketing Automation can be devoted to other customer-oriented actions.

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