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How to conduct a job interview? How to assess and compare the candidates? Inform (all) applicants of your decision. Recruitment is crucial to generate ROI with Digital Marketing. Quality profiles are rare, the skills required are new and constantly evolving. How to succeed in your Digital Marketing recruitment to lead a successful strategy? Here are the 5 steps to follow. On the program in this article: The job description is a key element for a successful Digital Marketing recruitment. However, many companies botch it and are content to make a patchwork of elements that they find on the Internet. However, the job description must clearly set out your needs but also allow you to receive applications in line with your corporate culture.

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We will come back to that. How to properly write your job description? How to find qualified candidates? Conclusion. Write the Job Description. Start by defining your need. If you have worked on your Digital Marketing strategy, you should know exactly which skills and profiles to recruit. If not, I urge you to start with defining your strategy. Beyond the fact that working on a Digital Marketing strategy will allow you to define which profile you must recruit, it will also promote your recruitment. Good Digital Marketing profiles are rare, as we saw in the intro. The right profiles choose a company that has a clear vision of its goals and the Digital Marketing strategy to put in place to achieve them.


Generate Leads? Gain customers? Develop your turnover? The SEO of your website should allow you to attract quality visitors to convert them into qualified and mature Leads. In other words, your SEO strategy must allow you to generate leads that will be converted into customers by salespeople. It is the sine qua noncondition to derive ROI from your SEO actions. In this process, it is therefore essential that you integrate your salespeople into your strategic thinking. They are in constant contact with your customers and prospects. Salespeople know their expectations, issues, needs, and behaviors by heart. Gold for your SEO! If you want, we can help you with that. Let’s talk about it.

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Key Skills. Our clients regularly ask us to support them in their Digital Marketing recruitment. Our experience allows us to have a precise idea of ​​the Digital Marketing skills to recruit for an SME: Master the concept of Lead Generation; Master website referencing. Identify and use the right tools; Collaborate with the sales department; Which skills to recruit in digital marketing. If you want to understand more in-depth why these skills are essential, I refer you to our article presenting the 7 essential skills to excel in Digital Marketing. First, because I think that the existing training offer in terms of Digital Marketing is rare. Many business schools are dumped and do not offer Digital Marketing training – or else offer too poor training.

Then because I am convinced that training is not an essential criterion in the recruitment of a Digital Marketing resource. So yes, a Bac +5 is more interesting because it will undoubtedly be better able to lead strategic reflections. Master communication on social networks; Mastering Email Marketing; Master the Analytics tools to measure the performance of its actions; Next to that, the Digital Marketing profile that you will recruit should know: Digital Marketing Recruitment: Training. On this point, I could attract enemies. Apart from that, what matters most is the experience. Even for young graduates (we will come back to this in the next chapter. If you plan to recruit only a Digital Marketing resource who will.

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