For companies the potential of this increasingly international platform is truly extraordinary. The figures below regarding its huge potential and growth serve to demonstrate this. Wechat facts and statistics since its launch in . Wechat has had over . billion registered accounts and  million users ( million of which use it on a daily basis). The chinese people predominantly Of Real Phone Number are using their phones for several key purposes. These range from paying in stores. Transferring money. Playing mobile games. Booking taxis & tickets. Chatting. Sharing content and purchasing products. 

Wechat data shows that over  million users access the platform via their phone. More than  million users have their bank card linked to their wechat account and over  of wechat users purchase online products through the platform. These figures really display Of Real Phone Number the importance of wechat in the chinese market. The chinese market is currently going through a significant transformation. New technologies have led marketing practices into another era in china. The traditional brick-and-mortar shops are gradually declining with chinese consumers less interested in physical retail. 

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The younger generation are becoming internet experts and high-tech-savvy consumers. Their purchasing habits shifting towards more efficient and convenient consumer processes. The use of a smartphone to purchase any kind of product online has been growing rapidly in recent years. Particularly with crowded and congested urban areas in china dissuading of Real phone number high street shoppers. Wechat currently has over . active advertisers. Over . publishers and is connect to more than . different apps. I will discuss professional solutions on wechat later on in the article. Since its launch in . Wechat has grown from . million active users to over  million in . See chart below. 

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We-chat-statistics-for-how-to-use-wechat wechat is mainly used on smartphones and the majority of active users are aged between  and . See pie chart below. We-chat-statistics-for-how-to-use-wechat how to attract followers on wechat wechat offers a vast array of business solutions for brands. Whether they are foreign or local. Brands that are looking to develop their business in china need to be using at least one of the two chinese major platforms. Weibo or wechat. They Of Real Phone Number would be required to register for an official account and have it verified. A verified wechat account allows you to promote your services. Andor products through high-quality content such as videos. Pictures. Audio messages and text that your followers can access and share. Wechat membership features the possibility to “convert” your followers into members.

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Therefore, Members can be offered loyalty programs with membership cards enabling brands to adapt their marketing strategies and highlight sales promotions to a certain segment of consumers. There are three major ways to use wechat in your marketing activities: providing a virtual vip card sending promotional offer notifications delivering e-coupons promotional Of Real Phone Number offer notifications and e-coupons are usually based around the user sharing the content in order to qualify. And content in china should always be focused on family and friend offers as the family is considered the most important facet of life. Improving your brand image in china a good way to promote your brand and increase your number of followers is to make use of the qr code system.

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