Having more visitors to your website is not enough in B2B. Your visitors must be qualified if you want to convert them into leads who will become customers. Are your visitors qualified enough? Here are 4 signs that prove the opposite. You carry Kyrgyzstan Email List to your website. Successfully since the number of visitors to your website is constantly increasing. Having more visitors to your website does not guarantee you a proportional increase in your turnover. And for good reason. Having visitors to your website is not enough in B2B. You must make your website your main lever of lead generation and for that, your visitors must be ultra-qualified.

So are your website visitors qualified enough? The time spent on your website is a key performance indicator. Indeed, if your visitors only stay a few seconds on your website, your traffic is not qualified enough. Your visitors are looking for information that should help them better understand a problem. But let’s be frank, it is not possible to read even the shortest of articles attentively in a few seconds. If on average your audience only stays a few seconds on the pages of your website, this means that your visitors do not find the content that appears before their eyes relevant. Your information and its maturity level are not aligned. Your visitors are therefore not qualified enough.

Contact requests have no value

A notification has just informed you that a new form has just been completed on your website. So you have just generated a new lead. Congratulations on your lead generation! Your joy is short-lived since all the fields that have been filled in describe a low-qualified lead. Company size, number of employees, turnover, type of industry, nothing fits your ideal client. Your lead is far from resembling your Persona. If your leads are of poor quality, then your website visitors are not qualified enough. The forms on your website are not completed. Your visitors fill out a form to get in touch with you, through a contact form. Or with a view to downloading a premium content offer.


Attending a webinar, or any other action that brings them added value. If your lead generation forms are not filled out very much or not at all, it could be because you are making the following mistakes: Your forms are too long; Your forms are not visible enough; Forms do not want to be completed; Your forms are not adapted to your content; The other reason would be that your website visitors are not qualified enough. In other words, they’re not interested in getting in touch with you let alone downloading an offer of content on a topic that they’re not interested in enough. Your sales reps don’t like your leads. No news is good news?

Your visitors don’t stay on your website

But is it a good thing? You have not been able to take stock with your sales force for several weeks and the sales representatives have not asked you to discuss the leads generated on your website either. No news, bad news! Salespeople don’t have time to waste if they are to meet their quarterly goals, and as such, their silence in marketing is not a good sign. The few leads you sent them aren’t qualified enough. And if your leads are not qualified, it is directly related to the fact that your visitors themselves are not qualified enough. Do you want to attract more Qualified Visitors? Make your Website a Lead Machine:

Create the marketing plan that meets their needs and expectations; Measure the level of qualification and maturity of your leads; This will allow you to send sales reps only those leads that are ready to buy. For others, you will know what actions to take to make them evolve in the purchasing journey. Align marketing and sales: a crucial issue. To work a B2B Persona that will allow you to define a profitable marketing plan, there are two imperatives to respect: Work on your Personas with the sales department; Talk to your customers; For the first point, remember that marketing generates leads for salespeople. Your vision of the ideal prospect must therefore be aligned.

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