He deliberately removed them and added them in the footer so as to remove any kind of friction. He also uses a story to get the attention of website visitors. This story then leads those visitors to a huge call to action in the end. To sum it up. I’d say bryan has made Slovenia Phone Number his homepage look more like a landing page. And this is probably one of the reasons he has built such a huge audience. . Timothy sykes when you’re building your blog. You want to create epic content like:  awesome social media facts you should not ignore how to optimize your social media posts for search engines the complete  list building strategies so as to get more traffic.

But in the meantime you should also consider increasing your conversion rate. And your homepage is a key to that. Take timothy sykes. Timothy sykes Slovenia Phone Number might not be a familiar name in the blogging world. But he’s a ridiculously successful penny stock trader (think wolf of wall street). Why his home page works like bryan harris. Timothy’s home page also focuses on list building. This is clearly depicted by a huge benefit-oriented headline: “I turned $. into $.. trading penny stocks”. And then there’s a call to action that seduces website visitors to click on it. Besides that. Timothy also used social proof here. Look at “top trader out of .+” and the “as seen on” bar below it.

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So it may not be a fancy homepage design. But it serves its purpose and converts most of the traffic. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to invest too much money in homepage design. Consider adding a feature box. Create a super-valuable offer and throw in some Slovenia phone number social proof. Believe me. Your homepage will start rocking and rolling again. . Jeff goins up until now. We have been looking at websites with really good web designs that may cost you several hundred dollars. Jeff. Without a doubt. Is one of the most renowned writers.

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But jeff goins’ homepage is very simple. Affordable. And eye-catching at the same time. Here’s why I love this homepage: there are not many things going on here. The homepage has just: a feature box that simply wants to get your email address. Some quick Slovenia Phone Number testimonials from top industry influencers to build trust. And finally. Links to the blog. Podcast. And social media sites. Bottom line the reason I included jeff’s example here is to show you that you don’t need to go crazy with your website design. Like jeff. Focus on building your email list with your homepage and watch your business grow. . 

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Derek halpern derek halpern is one of the smartest internet marketers. On his blog. Social triggers. He talks about building his business using proven principles of psychology and persuasion. And so. The social triggers homepage is all about building connection with Slovenia Phone Number the visitors and getting them to subscribe. Here’s why it works most of us pay more attention to faces than we do to anything else. And derek has fully utilized this psychological principle by showing his image. Again the focus of this homepage is also on list building.

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