And google is project to achieve 40.7% of us digital ad revenues this year (double facebook’s share) google. Will continue to dominate search advertising with an estimat $28.55 billion of spend in 2017 and facebook will dominate display with a project $16.33 billion in 2017 while google’s will be only $5.24 billion. Cameroon phone number The rest including twitter. Yahoo and other players will pick up the crumbs. This dominance of revenue will then allow the duopoly to snap up more social networks. Startups and technology companies that fit into its digital marketing strategies and continue to concentrate power. 

We have already seen this with facebook buying instagram. Whatsapp and the virtual reality company oculusrift. This concentration of power is also creating other problems. Cameroon phone number Reduction in trust trust is a big factor in who and what we believe. Marketing is no different. Facebook has recently reported that its video metrics were inflat and youtube (google) has been running questionable ads next to brand content. The rise of fake news. Alternate truth and the domination of the walled gardens of facebook and google who are reluctant to provide transparency on their data is also reducing trust in the data reporting.

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Marketing automation is now essential the rise of social networks humanised the web. Playing online was no longer just the domain of the geeks. It was nice and simple. You tweeted or published a facebook post. You created content and built organic distribution by growing your followers on the social Cameroon phone number networks. But it has become complex. More social networks. Complex digital advertising options and more types of content. More networks despite the concentration of power there are still a lot of social networks to play with and new ones are still popping up. Mastodon.Social is a grass roots bootstrapped alternative to twitter that stuck its head up just 6 months ago. 

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But has proven so popular that it been temporarily closed to new users until it builds out a more robust infrastructure. More content the types of content and media you need to master has gone way past the simple analog formats of print. Radio and television. Now we have interactive infographics. Gif’s and Cameroon phone number augmented reality media just to name a few. What does all this “more” mean? More tools…..Or better ones? The options within digital technology have also exploded and the number of technology tools just for marketing have been estimated at over 4.000. But the only way to manage the rising complexity is with marketing automation. There are many options and just choosing is hard. 

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There are the platforms that aim to be “all in one” tools – marketo. Hubspot. Infusionsoft are just a few that can assist you in scaling your digital marketing. Then there are even tools for growing your social network followers with automation. These include social quant for twitter and sociallyrich for Cameroon phone number instagram there are tools for automating the moderation of comments. Big digital publishers like techcrunch need automation to moderate comments at scale and technology like brandbastion provide the tech. To do that accurately – marketing automation is still just in it’s early phases and this next trend is where it starts to get interesting.

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