There you have it, your visitor has become a lead. To generate more quality leads, you must take care to optimize this Norway Email List of your Call-to-Action and Landing Pages. It is also essential to think carefully about your lead generation forms. Just as it is important to offer the right content according to the 3 stages of the buying journey, it is essential to create your lead generation forms according to these 3 stages. You cannot request as much information from a person in the Awareness phase, who is naturally less engaged, as from a person in the Consideration or Decision phase. On the same basis, a person.

The Awareness phase is not ready to give you the same level of information as a person in the Decision phase. To make your website a lead machine, you need to explore all the opportunities available to you. Your visitor, no matter what page they are on, should be able to easily get in touch with you. For this, you have different options: you can offer an appointment with one of your experts, a Free Audit, a demo request, or the possibility of interacting with someone in real-time thanks to a chat. Discussion chat for lead generation. As you can see here, 44% of Internet users think that getting a real-time answer to their questions is essential.

Multiply the conversion points

And 63% of visitors to a website equipped with a chat say they are ready to visit it again. Optimize the SEO of your website. 61% of B2B decision-makers start their buying thinking from a search engine. The referencing of your website in B2B is, therefore, a major stake. The mistake you shouldn’t make here is to just use a few right-to-left keywords. It is not enough anymore. To properly rank your website in B2B, it is essential to have a complete strategy integrating the creation of content seen previously, the acquisition of external links, or the promotion of your content. Referencing your website well in B2B is essential. A B2B decision-maker performs an average of 12 searches on Google before coming into contact with a company.


Your website’s SEO strategy should be comprehensive enough to respond to this behavior. We invite you to take advantage of a free 30-minute audit with one of our SEO experts! Operate all the levers at your disposal. To generate more leads on your website, it is important to attract more visitors. The SEO of your website should be the main source of B2B traffic, but it is not the only one. Don’t forget to use all the levers at your disposal to promote your content and thus attract more qualified visitors. To do this, you can: Communicate on social networks. Send Emails. Advertise online. Always take care to respect the context of the use of your target according to the levers used and to add value to your messages.

Landing Pag on which they will fill out a form

To turn your website into a lead generation machine, you need to analyze everything. Which pages perform the best? What is the most downloaded content offers? How long does a visitor spend on your website? Do your visitors click on your Call-to-Action? What’s your conversion rate? Unlike a paper catalog, your website allows you to analyze its performance and the behavior of your visitors in real-time. These analyzes should allow you to optimize your actions and do everything possible to send the right message to the right person at the right time. This is the whole point in lead generation. Remember what we saw in the introduction: your website should be designed for your customers and not for you.

Analysis. We only improve what we measure! An effective digital marketing strategy is one that you update regularly and that you optimize over time. This is the advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing: you can follow the performance of your actions in real-time. Why deprive yourself of it? 90% of the companies I meet ignore the analysis of their digital marketing actions. This is why our free digital marketing audit is so successful! The documented strategy. As you have seen in this article, creating an effective B2B digital marketing strategy cannot be improvised. When I hear CEOs or marketers telling me that they have a strategy “in their head”, I want to go back to their office.

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