Without going any further, we can move forward without too much risk that the reader has already made up his mind to click or not! Then your content must be Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List emails? At what times? From which devices? What content is she looking for? We usually say that a relevant communication strategy, in the age of the Internet and social media, is only 20% promotional content for 80% high added-value content. So don’t overwhelm your target audience with promotional mailings. You will not get the expected returns. You need to provide them with content that gives them something extra. The content can be informative, educational, or entertaining.

To go further: How to build a relevant content strategy. Visual content (but not too much! Emails are more and more consulted on tablets and smartphones. To create the perfect emailing, you have to think very carefully about its design. A good emailing contains relevant images that perfectly illustrate the text. Let’s face it, the vast majority of Emails are not read in their entirety. Oftentimes, it’s the design that persuades the reader to click. Be careful, too many images will have a negative impact on your deliverability rate. Concretely, an Emailing with too many images will be considered as SPAM and will not even reach your target’s inbox. You must therefore be attentive to the image/text ratio of your Emailing.

Encourage the reader to take action

Tip: to add some text to your Emailing, you can add a footer and include your legal notices or even a quick description of your product/service! As we saw in the previous point, the image/text ratio should clearly shift in favor of the text. It must therefore be of a minimum length. However, the content of your Emailing should not be too long. First of all, you must try not to multiply the messages. Think about the objective of your Emailing and the expectations of your target to stay focused! By multiplying the messages, you run the risk of dispersing the reader’s attention or even creating confusion in his mind.  On a misunderstanding, it can work!


Famous replica of French cinema, this one has no place in Email Marketing. Let’s recap, at this stage, your target has received your Emailing, they opened it and took note of it. OK, and she closes it and goes on with her life? No, that’s not your goal! You must now “conclude” by convincing your target to take action. For this, you must work on two key points: the Call-To-Action and the Landing Page. Because yes, to generate a return on investment with Email Marketing, the quality of it is not enough. You must also make sure that the conversion tunnel to which your Emailing refers is optimized. Les Call-To-Action: Call-To-Action is buttons that call to action.

How to do a good Emailing

Some of the more traditional is: “buy now”, “add to cart” or even “register. The Call-To-Action is the conclusion of your Emailing. It must punctuate your message and represent the fulfillment of your departure promise (the subject of the Emailing). Call To Action to encourage the target to take action. In this example, the advertiser’s message is clear: a price drop on one of their products. The button is consistent: it invites us to discover this product and find out more about the offer. La Landing Page: The goal of your Emailing campaign is probably not just one click. Behind, you have to convert that click, and that inevitably goes through an optimal Landing Page.

A Landing Page is a landing page. Clearly, this is the page on which the person who clicked the button of your Emailing lands. For a maximum conversion rate, it must be thought through to the smallest detail. Let’s continue with our example above. The promise is a price cut on the Pulse OX activity tracker. I am athletic and run 3 times a week (that’s my life!) And am looking for this type of connected object. I want to know more and I click on “Discover. The Landing Page here is simple: I can watch a product video to learn more and/or purchase the product for € 99.95. Clearly, if I am interested, I take action, otherwise, I leave the page.

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