Digitization, threat, or opportunity? Fear of change will make you say threat, reason will tell you the opportunity. Digitization is an Albania Email List to improve performance while meeting the expectations of the modern buyer. Let’s see how. We are not going to lie to each other, digital technology has profoundly changed the expectations and behaviors of decision-makers. Threat or opportunity? You choose! We (and our customers!) Are convinced that this is an opportunity. This is a GREAT opportunity to bring more value to your prospects and customers while improving performance. Concretely, sales directors and sales teams have 3 options when faced with the digitalization of sales.

You can continue to prospect without taking into account digitalization and the expectations of the modern buyer … spoiler: bad idea! You can integrate digital tools to be more efficient in your commercial prospecting. Spoiler: very good idea! You can make the marketing department an ally by starting your marketing and sales digitalization. (spoiler: great idea! Let’s see this in detail. We have always prospected like that, why would we change? Our methods have enabled us to make our turnover for years, we will not take the risk of doing otherwise! Digitization is a fad that will quickly pass, we are not changing anything! ” We hear these arguments very frequently in the field …

And they are dangerous

So yes, there are still many companies that continue to develop their turnover with traditional commercial prospecting levers. But for how long? The modern buyer requires you to update your sales prospecting strategy to meet his new expectations and adapt to his new purchasing behaviors. As a consumer, we prefer to buy a product or service rather than have it sold to us. Do you see the paradigm shift? On the podium of traditional tactics which are still the most used, cold-calling or hard calling is in the first position. Even if it continues to bear fruit, the success rate of hard telephone prospecting (ie making a qualified appointment) remains low and tends to decrease.


Many salespeople, by choice or by default, persist in traditional prospecting in a world that is becoming more and more digital. This fallback posture, in the face of digital technologies, is a choice that is clearly not suited to the behavior of the modern buyer. It is, however, natural. Naturally, we prefer to do what we know how to do rather than step outside our comfort zone. Change management, therefore, plays a key role in marketing and sales digitization. And if you don’t change anything here, your sales department will wear out, your people will go and see if the grass is greener elsewhere, and you will have a hard time recruiting good people.

Don’t persist in traditional business prospecting

So now let’s see how to make digitalization an opportunity for your sales department. Integrate digital tools to improve performance and comfort! In 2015, I was talking to Ludo, the agency’s marketer. I explained to him that it was more and more difficult for me to obtain qualified appointments with prospecting in the hard. He explained to me that there were innovative tools to improve sales performance. It was at this time that I began to integrate digital tools into my daily sales life. And honestly, it changed my life (professional at least!). For those who read us regularly, I often indicate that it is the Yesware tool that I have integrated into my prospecting work.

At the time, therefore, I took my first step in the digitalization of my sales activity. For those who do not know the Yesware email tracker tool, it is a plug-in to integrate into your mailbox that allows you to track the life of the emails you send. What is the point of following the emails you send? The big advantage, the huge advantage of tracking the opening and clicks of your emails, is understanding when is the best time to contact the recipient of your message by phone: your prospect. For example, when you send a business proposal to a prospect, you know when they learn about it with an email tracking tool.

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