Create screenshot infographics in Canva You can search for individual elements via the menu on the left and simply drag them to your design. In addition, you can adjust everything to your wishes, such as fonts and colors. Handy if you want to make an infographic in your house style! Any photos and logos you upload to Canva from your computer will remain in the media library. So you only have to upload your logo once for all your projects. Do you not have that much content yourself? No problem. Canva has a wide variety of illustrations, stock photos and videos and much more.

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You can easily indicate what kind of content you are looking for via the search function. Canva especially excels at illustrations. If you want to visualize your data nicely, that is a little more difficult. There are some basic charts and diagrams that you can fill with your own data. The free Vietnam Phone Number of Canva goes a long way. You will see that the more extensive templates and the nicer animations fall under the pro version. You have a pro subscription for €9.16 per month with an annual subscription. You get access for a maximum of 5 people. If you prefer to start with a blank page, the difference between a free and pro account won’t be noticeable.

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Canva is the ideal platform for anyone who wants to get started with infographics. You have a wide choice of content, no design skills required and with the free version you can basically do everything. Click on the image for a larger copy.Infographic made in Canvas 2. Vistacreate Vistacreate is perhaps even better known as Crello . This platform has changed its name and is reminiscent of Canva at first glance. You can choose what kind of content you want to create, for example a social post or an infographic. The templates are also reminiscent of Canva’s.

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