Write case studies when we think of content. We tend to think of epic blog posts. After all. Long-form content ranks higher in google. But long-form content isn’t everything. If you’re looking for content that converts prospects into customers. You can’t go wrong with having case studies. In its 2014 b2b Bolivia Phone Number List technology content survey report. Eccolo media found that case studies rank as the third most influential content type in the purchase process for both small businesses and large enterprises: we utilize case studies at sleeknote for this very reason.

In fact. We have an entire category on our site dedicated to companies we’ve helped improve their conversions: be warned: crafting a compelling case study requires a little Bolivia Phone Number List experimentation on your part. No two companies are alike. Different readers respond to different copy. Take word length. For instance. When neil patel shortened his case study from 2.286 words to 615 words. He increased the number of leads he generated by 39%. Case studies aren’t just an under-utilized type of content; they’re an integral part of helping your prospects move through the buyer’s journey. Too. 

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If you have case studies at the bottom of your funnel (bofu). You’re more likely to nudge prospects into becoming customers and produce measurable returns on your content marketing. Conclusion content marketing is – and will continue to be – an essential part of seo in 2017 and beyond. And with more Bolivia phone number business owners competing for the coveted front page every day. Getting noticed is more than an advantage – it’s a necessity. I’ve given you six proven ways to help you cut through the noise and rise above the fray. The question is… which will you choose? Which of these 6 strategies is your favorite? Leave a comment below. Guest author: sam thomas davies is the content marketing manager at sleeknote: a company that helps ecommerce business owners capture and convert more leads without hurting the user experience.

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The drivers of change are complex and interwoven in the world of digital marketing. The trends are not islands but together amplify and accelerate the way we market and grow our businesses. Mobile phones made social networks even more viral and powerful and their inbuilt cameras just added more Bolivia Phone Number List content in what was already a noisy online world. Faster and cheaper wi-fi and telecommunication networks made broadband an essential utility that is now demanded  just like electricity. This development allowed video to move from the desktop to the mobile and everywhere. 

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Complexity and even faster change are the norm. So what digital marketing trends are driving change and what can we do about it? Traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to website traffic for business first name * email * download now 1. The growing concentration of revenue and power there are many platforms. Apps and tools that we all use to create. Control and market our brands. But as the trend towards paid Bolivia Phone Number List digital advertising accelerates google and facebook are becoming in effect a duopoly. Google and facebook between them share 90% of the growth. Digital marketing trends image source: digitalcontentnext.Org this year the total spend of $83 billion in digital advertising will be dominated by the two big players.

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