Marketing and Sales are naturally not made to collaborate. Marketing is a medium / long term affair when the sales Palau Email Lists term. Aligning Marketing and Sales, therefore, requires the implementation of concrete actions but also the organization of regular meetings: the Smarketing Meeting. The Marketing Meeting, an essential regular point. To align Marketing and Sales, you need to work on 3 things: Implement a content strategy adapted to the purchasing journey. These 3 elements are to be detailed in black and white in an official document, the SLA – Service Level Agreement – to promote collaboration between the 2 services. These actions are essential but are not sufficient. To maintain good collaboration between Marketing and Sales.

It is important to organize a regular meeting between them to discuss areas for improvement and the performance of both departments. Marketing Meeting yes, acute meeting the studies on the subject follow one another and always show that we spend too much time in meetings. So why organize one more? The idea of ​​the Smarketing Meeting is not to organize yet another interminable meeting: the objective is to promote collaboration between Marketing and Sales and to maintain their good relationship. It is important to keep this in mind to organize an effective Marketing Meeting. 4 steps for an effective Smarketing Meeting. Invite the right people. The nature of the participants will have a direct impact on the quality of your Marketing.

Determine Common Objectives

Meeting. You must skillfully invite participants to ensure that you: Keep Marketing and Sales on an Equal Level. Promote exchanges. Remain in a small committee. It is important to keep the CEO or members of the management committee away from your Smarketing Meeting. The reason is simple: if they are present, salespeople and marketers will be less likely to participate. Another important point: try not to invite the same people over to meetings. The aim of the Smarketing Meeting is to raise our heads off the handlebars and bring out new ideas. Find the right frequency. With our clients, we generally plan to organize a weekly Smarketing Meeting, but the pace may vary depending on the specifics of your business.


It is still important to plan a Smarketing Meeting once a month minimum. Beyond that, your Marketing and Sales alignment will suffer. You can also organize a larger Smarketing Meeting every quarter to discuss in more depth the performance of the 2 services. Identify areas for improvement to be addressed. To avoid falling into the reunion, you must define an agenda for your Smarketing Meeting and do everything to come out of it. With our clients, we are reviewing the performance of the two services over the past week and identifying areas for improvement. Our goal is to discuss with Marketing and Sales to understand the obstacles they encounter and to put in place concrete actions as soon as they leave the meeting.

Define Together The Typical Profile Of Your Ideal Prospect

The buyer forces the marketing and sales departments to work together. He now leads the majority of his purchasing decisions on his own and prefers, as much as possible, to avoid contact with the sales representative in the purchasing process. To align Marketing and Sales, everything goes through common goals. Marketing and Sales, not wired to collaborate. The DNA of these two services is not compatible. Marketing and Sales are naturally not wired to work together. I realize this regularly on the ground where I notice regular tensions between the two services. Often, it’s all a matter of goals. The salesperson must achieve short-term goals. He often has monthly objectives on which part of his remuneration depends. Each month, he must bring back a specific volume of turnover.

Marketing, on the other hand, is a medium / long-term affair: it defines and implements a strategy aimed at gaining visibility, attracting visitors, and converting them into Leads, hoping that these Leads lead to sales. A lot of times the sales rep doesn’t understand the job of marketing, and marketing doesn’t understand why the sales rep isn’t converting those Leads. To promote collaboration between Marketing and Sales, it is imperative to define common objectives. Explanations. Align Marketing and Sales: How to Set Goals? An Income Goal. The first thing to define is the volume of turnover you need to generate to ensure your business development. This objective is based on your medium-long term vision: do you want to recruit? Attacking a new market? Launch a new product?

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