Your vision naturally requires resources and therefore an increase in your turnover. This vision is not only Pitcairn Email List but also to unite your teams. Sales Targets. To achieve this income goal, based on your average customer basket, you must gain a certain number of new customers. Depending on the number of sales reps you have and the time frame you set to reach your income goal, you can define the number of clients a sales rep must sign each month. Now, let’s think about prospects. Based on your prospect/customer conversion rate, you can naturally determine the number of leads a salesperson needs to process each month to sign the target volume of customers.

Marketing Goals. You’ve probably noticed it for yourself: with the Internet, having all the information they need to make their decision, the buyer now leads the majority of their purchasing decisions on their own. You must therefore do everything possible to attract his attention throughout this reflection but also offer him something other than the sale of your offer. The buyer expects a more personalized and contextualized approach from you. The salesperson can no longer content himself with selling his offer: he must support him in his purchase reflection and this takes time. Sales must therefore focus on the management of the most mature Leads and the generation of Leads becomes the mission of Marketing.

This Is Where Marketing Comes In

Therefore, it is very simple to define the Marketing objectives: Marketing must provide the number of qualified and mature Leads (we speak of MQL for Marketing Qualified Leads ) necessary for the sales representatives to gain the number of customers that will allow you to reach your objective. overall income. To achieve this MQL goal, Marketing must attract a volume of qualified visitors each month to your website and convert them into Leads in order to bring them to maturity (and turn them into MQL). Marketing and Sales Objectives, in Summary. The business goal = the income goal. Sales objectives = a volume of MQL to process and a volume of customers to sign. Marketing objectives = a volume of visits to the website.


When you write an SLA to align Marketing and Sales, it’s a safe bet. That the commitments you have defined will not be optimal. The Marketing Meeting will therefore allow you to make regular changes. Make the Smarketing Meeting a field of experimentation. The Smarketing Meeting must be a moment of experimentation. Each of the participants must share with the others their vision, their understanding of the problems, and the actions they think they must put in place to solve them. Not only will this allow you to optimize your Marketing and Sales strategy, but it will also strengthen the relationship between Marketing and Sales.

Smartly Set The Goal

The buyer now conducts the majority of his purchasing decisions alone and requires the Marketing and Sales departments to collaborate. Unfortunately, all too often, the two departments struggle to get along, even when the company is pushing hard to align Marketing and Sales. Commercial prospecting is no longer just the business of the sales department. Marketing now plays a crucial role in generating leads and converting them into customers. The buyer has all the information he needs on the web to make his decision. The buyer therefore no longer expects the salesperson to sell his products but rather that he supports him in his purchase reflection and shows him that he is the best to solve his problem and help him achieve his objectives.

Problem: offering such an experience to prospects takes a lot of time! In this situation, Marketing must take charge of lead generation. So that the salesperson can fully devote himself to treating the most qualified and mature. To promote collaboration between the two services. You must do everything possible to align Marketing and Sales. In particular by drafting a collaboration charter: the SLA – Service Level Agreement. The SLA presents the Marketing and Sales goals. Complementary goals – and the commitments to each other. With this theoretical document, everything must go “like clockwork”. Marketing provides a number of Leads to the sales department, which must contact these Leads and have them become customers.

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