According to the study: the black heart symbol  is the most popular but only lifts open rates by 2.2% of the five most popular symbols. The black sun with rays  had the highest lift in Kenya Phone Number open rates (14.9%) trying different symbols can add a ‘wow’ factor to subject lines. For example airplanes  lift open rates by 10.7% while umbrellas  generated a 50% lift. Your use of symbols has to make sense. However. If you’re an airline carrier. Using the airplane symbol is smart! If you’re a shoe company using the airplane symbol may not make sense. 

Taking symbols a step further. Try using emojis like ulta does in the example below: seeing a colorful emoji in an otherwise black and white inbox is definitely eye catching and adds a Kenya Phone Number playful element to what may be considered an otherwise boring form of content. Not every target audience will be receptive to emojis. However. Think about the context of your email and who you’re sending it to. For example. I wouldn’t advise sending an annual financial report to your board of directors with the heart emoji even if you’re really satisfied with your numbers! 5. 

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Offer a free gift but don’t call it that I think it goes without saying that we all love free gifts. The only problem is that the word “free” in a subject line will often land your emails in the spam folder. What’s a brand to do? Get creative with the ways you word your offer! Check out the example below from lyft. Instead Kenya phone number of saying “free gift” the company gets specific and lets its customers know that $20 has been added to their accounts. Getting specific in the email subject line accomplishes two things. It gets around the spam filter issue and it also excites your recipients who will know exactly what the awesome offer is you’re sending. This excitement will only build. However. If your offer is worthy of the subject line. 

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So be sure to offer something good! Getting started don’t be shy! Today is the day you can commit to creating email campaigns that start a real relationship with your customers and prospects. Begin by evaluating the data from your previous email sends. What seemed to work? What was a total flop? Don’t be Kenya Phone Number embarrassed by lacklustre results; simply use those numbers as a benchmark you’ll strive to surpass with your next email campaign using the tips in this post! Do you have any questions? If so please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to 

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Respond asap! Guest author:jonathan “jc” chan is the head of marketing at insane growth and spends his time helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their 7 & 8-figure goals. Kenya Phone Number When not writing about anything and everything to do with startups. Entrepreneurship. And marketing. Jc can be found pretending to be the next mma star at the gym. Make sure you connect with him on linkedin!

Whether you are an introvert. Extrovert. Socially awkward. Or like to be the life of the party. You can become an influencer without physically interacting with a single person. Kenya Phone Number Crazy. Right? Never underestimate the power of influence. In a world having so many distractions. We still manage to find the time to dedicate our attention to those people on social media that think the way we want to think. Live the life we want to live. Make the money we want to make. And have all the toys we wish to have

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