Simply fill in this link and you will receive an email when a change is made. And there are probably even more useful applications! 3. Adjusting Recommendations and ‘Continue Watching’ in Netflix If you use Netflix, you know that there is always a nice list presented with recommendations. Series and movies that Netflix thinks fit your viewing habits. Super nice! But sometimes you’ve already seen a movie and it keeps popping up in this list.

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Or you have started a new series, and after a few episodes have decided that you are not going to watch it. Then the series remains at ‘watching further’. If you find this irritating, I have South Korea Phone Number news. You can remove a movie or series from the ‘continue watching’ row. And that’s very simple. You select the title, and then choose ‘remove from further viewing’ via the menu. The same goes for ‘recommendations’. Do you want to start the new year with a fresh look? Then you can also delete your entire viewing history. This option is a bit hidden.

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Netflix, of course, doesn’t think it’s so cool that you delete your viewing behavior, because then they are less able to predict your viewing behavior. If you log in via the browser, you can click on ‘Account’ via your profile. Then choose ‘Profile and parental controls’ and then click ‘View’ under ‘Viewing activity’. You can make your adjustments there. 4. RunPee , for a pee break without a break If we are already talking about movies, I immediately share this handy tool: RunPee. What this does is already hidden in the name.

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