A good brand image is a brand image that stands the test of time. For this, you must imperatively show UK WhatsApp Number List in your actions.

A person must be confronted 7 times to a message to assimilate it! So do not hesitate to communicate regularly on your website and social networks to create your brand image.

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself, the audience will always be different. For your brand image to be anchored in time, you must be aware of the time to devote to its creation.

If an advertising agency promises you a relevant brand image in a few days, run away or get ready to suffer the wrath of bad buzz! To go further: Do you find your logo pretty? Purple and green together, do you find that cool? Ask yourself the right questions.

What do these colors mean? Do they suit your image and your target? A good brand image is above all a visual brand. You see it every day, you recognize the brands you are fond of if only their logo or even simply their color code.

Much more than being aesthetic, your logo and the design of your website must be in line with your values ​​and your target’s perception of the color codes you use.

Your graphic charter is the central element of your brand image, which allows your target to identify you at a glance among all your competitors. To learn more about the concept of branding, I recommend Roxane Chan Pao’s very good carousels on LinkedIn !

Don’t sell anymore, help! With the internet and social networks, your consumers’ expectations have changed. Your consumers are so in demand that they naturally become more demanding.

How To Manage A Bad Buzz?

In addition, your prospects have become accustomed to researching the information necessary for their purchasing decision on the internet themselves.

the digital marketing purchasing journey. It’s the same in B2C! The phases between the different phases are simply faster! So, to attract their attention and create a brand image that attracts them, you should no longer position yourself as a salesperson or service provider but sincerely seek to solve your customers’ problems.


This is what I strive to do through this blog. Integrate social networks into your business. And not the reverse ! What I mean by that is that you don’t have to waste time adapting your image and activity to Facebook or Twitter. Select social networks based on who you are and what your goals are.

Social networks are essential to build a powerful brand image, but above all you have to invest in the right ones! To go further: Which social networks to choose to build your brand image? Forge a real relationship with your target
For that, I give you an appointment here: how to establish a human relationship with his community .

The community is the direct result of a strong brand image. Building a suitable brand image will allow you to exploit the supporter syndrome in your Marketing and sales strategy: Watch over your reputation. Constantly analyze how you are perceived and how you are positioned compared to your competition: more expensive less expensive?

Better less well? Younger Older? Then you can react. With social networks and the many tools available, you have no more excuses for not knowing what the public is saying about your brand and your offer!

Think About Your Graphic Charter

Be unique, but be yourself. Each of your actions should make you different. You should always act with the aim of setting yourself apart from the competition. Added value is the sinews of war. To convince, you must first seduce.

In order to build a unique brand image, this is where you need to build on the information listed above: your story, your strengths and your weaknesses. You stand out, yes. Make yourself unique, obligatory. But don’t lie!

If you want to avoid the famous bad buzz, avoid looking better than you are. Often, companies make the mistake of embellishing their story to create a perfect brand image.

As I said previously, the consumer is not fooled and has all the information on the Internet and social networks to judge the relevance of a business. If you cheat it with your oversold branding, you will quickly pay the price.

One of the principles of Storytelling is that you must co-build your brand image with your audience. We talked about it at length in this episode of our Podcast “On the Ground” with my guest François Lamé.

Share everything about you. Your strengths of course, but also your weaknesses. To receive, you have to know how to give. The more you share, the more engaged your community will be. Many tools allow you today: video, lives on social networks, webinars….

Work on and rework your sales message. Your commercial message is the summary of your offer. It should be clear and concise. It must be easily understandable and shareable. Pay attention: to be audible, your commercial message must be adapted to your targets and their level of maturity.

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