In fact, 73% of the leads we generate on the Internet are not ready to buy. Buyer’s behavior in B2B to generate leads. Besides Slovakia Email List reflection alone and at his own pace. He leads alone between 65% and 90% of his buying thinking before agreeing to speak to a salesperson. In other words, if the salesperson calls a lead who is not mature enough, they will not be able to convert them. It does not respect the expectations and requirements of the decision-maker. Align marketing and sales: a crucial issue. This graphic illustrates the mistake you make when asking sales reps to contact people who have just opened or clicked in an email.
You should only pass qualified, mature leads to sales reps. We are talking about MQL. You need to have a scoring system in place that will allow you to identify when a lead is hot enough to pass on to salespeople. How? ‘Or’ What? It is essential here to work on the typical profile of the ideal prospect, in collaboration with the sales department of course. By defining the behavioral criteria (such as the click in an Emailing) and the demographic criteria that characterize a qualified and mature prospect, you will be able to assign a score to each of them and define the right time to transmit a lead to the sales representatives.

This strategy is lead generation

We are talking about Lead Scoring. And to be honest, since I use it, my clients’ salespeople love me! Lead generation is a crucial issue in B2B but it is even more so for innovative companies. Even if innovating gives you a clear competitive advantage, it forces you to mobilize a lot of effort to attract the attention of decision-makers who are mostly not mature. The B2B decision-maker is always more autonomous and connected in his purchasing thinking. He no longer agrees to speak to a salesperson before having thoroughly studied his problem and having had a precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. The decision-maker wishes to use the Internet to conduct.



His purchasing reflection alone and at his own pace. You must respect this requirement of the modern buyer and implement a strategy that will allow you to grab their attention during their buying journey. The stakes are therefore high in B2B. It is even more so for an innovative company like yours. Here’s why. An Urgent Need for Leads… and Growth! We support 2 types of innovative companies: start-ups and SMEs wishing to innovate in order to continue their development. Start-ups need to generate growth quickly to become essential in their market before the arrival of competitors. This urgency is often reinforced by the pressure of fundraising. SMEs, for their part, need to generate growth in order to diversify their activity or gain new market share.

Inbound marketing agency: our method in 4 steps

Knowing that a failure in their diversification could have a strong negative impact on their economic health. In both cases, the innovative company must do everything possible to generate a significant volume of leads that will allow it to achieve its objectives. New call-to-action. Generating Qualified Leads in an Immature Market: Mission Impossible? Innovating generates opportunities but also significant challenges. Who says innovative company says immature market: the majority of decision-makers are not aware that an innovative solution like yours exists. At best, they do not understand all of its uses and added value. However, as we have seen in the preamble, the buyer wishes to carry out the majority of his purchasing thinking on the Internet alone.
The problem here is that the buyer does not know your innovative solution and therefore will not search for you on the web. So how do you generate leads in this situation? The key here is to create high-value content: you need to grab the attention of the internet decision-maker by dealing in-depth and altruistically with the issues they encounter. Stat leads are not mature in B2B. As you can imagine, a lead generation strategy like this takes work and time. And time, an innovative company does not have any! This is what makes lead generation such a big challenge for innovative companies like yours. Inbound Marketing, the strategy of innovative companies to generate leads.

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