With the Internet and social networks, buyers’ expectations and behaviors have become more complex, making India Phone Number List department essential. Here are 4 reasons to align Marketing and Sales when you’re an innovative business. Align Marketing and Sales, a challenge imposed by the buyer. You have no doubt noticed it: the levers of traditional prospecting are losing their effectiveness month after month. You now have two options to achieve your goals: increase your efforts for uncertain results or modernize your sales prospecting strategy based on the expectations and behaviors of the buyer. Thanks to the Internet and social networks, buyers now carry out most of their purchasing thinking on their own.

It is therefore important to do everything possible to attract and retain their attention on the Internet. In this situation, the Marketing department must come to the support of the sales department to provide it with qualified prospects , generated directly from your website. Align Marketing and Sales to generate ultra-qualified leads. If this is not always the great love between Marketing and Sales , it is often because there is a gap between the two services in their definition of a qualified prospect. What is a qualified prospect? To this question, Marketing has one answer, Salesperson has another. To generate qualified leads from the Internet, it is important to align Marketing and Sales to achieve a joint definition of the ideal prospect .

Your Prospects Are Not Solicited

Align Marketing and Sales to Shorten the Sales Cycle. In B2B, the sales cycle can stretch for weeks or even months. It takes even longer for an innovative company which must convince. A buyer who is often unaware of the existence of a new offer like his. To shorten your sales cycle. You must support the buyer in his purchase reflection by offering him. Via the best channels, high value-added content that responds to his questions. Throughout the purchase process. From the awareness of a problem to the decision through. The exploration of solutions, the buyer has a variable need in content. To shorten the duration of this reflection and. Ultimately, that of your sales cycle.


You must anticipate and address the least of the buyer’s questions. From this perspective, it is essential that the sales department share its field experience with Marketing so that the latter creates the appropriate content to feed the buyer’s thinking. Align Marketing and Sales to optimize the conversion rate. If you’re having trouble converting prospects into customers , it’s mainly for two reasons: For the prospect qualification aspect, we have already discussed it in the previous points. Besides that, to convert your prospects into customers, it is important that the Marketing transmits them to the Sales representative at the best time. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. As we have seen previously.

The Best Time By Salespeople

The buyer now conducts most of their purchasing thinking on their own. Worse, he does not agree to be solicited by a salesperson until the moment of making his decision. To convert a prospect into a customer, the salesperson must contact them only when they are mature. In this process, it is crucial to align Marketing and Sales to determine precisely when a lead is mature and when the salesperson should contact them. What characterizes a mature prospect? This is the question Marketing and Sales must answer to optimize the conversion rate. To align Marketing and Sales, write an SLA. At the end of the work meeting in which you have defined all the elements above.

Do not forget to write a Marketing and Sales alignment document presenting in black and white the commitments of the two departments . This Marketing and Sales alignment document is an SLA: Sales Level Agreement. The objective of the SLA is to engage the two services more officially, to ensure their good collaboration but also to facilitate the arrival of new skills. Do you want to align your Marketing and Sales departments? Marketing Automation is a relevant tool for you! If your web strategy is effective, you should generate a significant volume of leads . As an indication, our strategy allows us to generate more than 300 leads for the agency each month.

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