How to prospect in the age of the Internet and Social Networks? If your prospecting is faltering, it’s probably because you South Africa Phone Number List such as phoning or door to door. These prospecting actions are doomed to failure because they no longer meet the expectations of your consumers.

Internet and Social Networks have upset the expectations and behaviors of your customers. To prospect effectively, you need to take these changes into account and revisit your prospecting strategy.

Internet and Social Networks are essential. how to properly prospect in the age of social networks. You know it: today everyone uses the internet and social networks. Your customers, of course, but also your competitors. According to INSEE, 85% of French people use the internet and 80% connect to at least one social network every day. In other words, to prospect effectively and win new customers, you cannot do without these levers or the competition will exploit them for you!

Your prospects’ expectations have changed. If you find yourself regularly prospecting by phone, prospecting at trade shows or door to door, the figures you will see here will not surprise you. If your prospecting strategy is not earning you as much as before, the reasons are quite simple: your customers now prefer to inform themselves rather than being interrupted by prospecting actions that they did not request.

Worse, these traditional prospecting actions damage your brand image. As proof, 97% of “cold” calls do not generate leads and only 8% of your sales come from traditional prospecting actions such as trade shows, direct marketing or telephone prospecting.

How To Prospect With Social Selling

Yet even though this type of prospecting only generates 8% of your sales, it costs you over 50% of your marketing budget. Don’t you think it’s high time to change the way you prospect? How to prospect effectively? By using Social Selling!. How to prospect on the internet

Social Selling consists of using the Internet and Social Networks to identify your prospects, grab their attention, convert them into customers and retain them so that they become your best ambassadors.

To go further:
78% of companies that prospect on the Internet and social networks sell more than those that do not use these levers!
64% of salespeople using the Internet and social networks compared to 49% of salespeople who still prospect in a traditional way!
70% of companies using them say that social networks are their number one source of leads!
Companies that use Social Selling generate 126% more business opportunities!
So, how do you prospect effectively?
Social Selling: benefits beyond prospecting.


social selling – how to prospect on the internet and social networks. As we have just seen, Social Selling will significantly increase the performance of your commercial prospecting, but not only that!

Social Selling, Marketing benefits
Prospecting on the Internet and social networks increases the visibility of your brand by 14 and the engagement of your publications on social networks by 8. It is your Community Manager who will be happy!

Social Selling boosts human resources
By prospecting on the Internet and social networks, you strengthen the cohesion of your team which is “more connected” by 15%. You will also increase the loyalty of your employees by 20%, who forge a stronger relationship with your company.

More generally, Social Selling allows you to develop your employer brand and therefore facilitate and improve the quality of your recruitments.

The Relevance Of Social Selling Is Well Established

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