Cta training social selling pro LinkedIn sln web. Advanced research. If you have determined in detail the profile of Belize Phone Numbers List will be able to fully exploit the full potential of advanced search on LinkedIn. The advanced LinkedIn search allows you to search for new contacts through a multitude of filters: keywords, function, field of activity, company, location or even centers of interest. The “Other pages viewed” section. When you consult a profile on LinkedIn, you have in the right side menu a section “Other pages visited”. This is a selection of profiles similar to the one you are visiting. To find prospects on LinkedIn, go to the profiles of your existing customers and prospects and consult this section.

How to find prospects on linkedin. Your competitors’ relationships. It is sometimes much easier to prospect a competitor’s customer than to prospect someone who has no experience or knowledge of the solutions you offer. With this in mind, do not hesitate to consult the LinkedIn profile of your competitors and select the contacts that best match the profile of your ideal prospect. The “Skills and recommendations” section. If you do your job well, you should have some recommendations from your clients on your LinkedIn profile. The same goes for your competitors! To find prospects on LinkedIn, go to the skills and recommendations section of their profile and click on the skills presented. This will give you the full list of people who recommended this profile.

Keep An Eye On Your Customer

How to find prospects on LinkedIn. Track Job changes. When a person takes on new roles, they usually have to overhaul everything and are therefore more inclined to look into new solutions that are less expensive or more efficient. Job changes are therefore a good source of qualified prospects on LinkedIn. Usually, you receive notification emails when people in your network change positions. You may also have this information in your News Feed. So remember to check this section regularly, congratulate your contacts and identify the most qualified prospects. Focus groups are the best source of leads on LinkedIn in my opinion. Your prospects ask themselves questions around the problems they encounter and the solutions that come their way.


They love to do this on the Internet, and LinkedIn discussion groups are a great place to chat. So identify the groups most relevant to your business and join them. You will thus have access to the list of members and will be able to find qualified prospects there. People who have viewed your profile. Finally, to find prospects on LinkedIn, remember to regularly scan the “People who viewed your profile” section. If they came to your LinkedIn profile, it certainly wasn’t by chance and they were most likely looking for something. Do not hesitate to contact them to ask them if they have found the information they were looking for and if you can help them.

Analyze Each Of Their Actions

To communicate well on the Internet and social networks, with a view to return on investment, it is important that your marketing objectives correlate with your business objectives. I really organize myself. I regularly run trainings and conferences around web communication. Very often, participants leave highly motivated and take action the next day. However, past the enthusiasm of discovery, daily priorities take over and actions are less regular … To avoid this problem and optimize your web communication, it is essential to organize yourself well by determining in particular an editorial calendar in order to plan each of your communication actions over the next 12 months. I stop scattering. In addition to letting you know exactly where you are going.

This editorial calendar will have the merit of engaging you and you will be less tempted to prioritize other tasks. Do you think that if you are present on all social networks you will have more results? This is an error that I also encounter very frequently in business. Rather than opening accounts on all the social networks that exist, select the social networks that are most relevant to your business . This will prevent you from dispersing your forces and ending up dropping everything! I download the White Paper Do you want to learn how to communicate well on the Internet and social networks in order to gain new customers? Download our white paper!

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