That is almost 3 out of 4 companies. According to this study, lead generation is by far the top marketing priority for companies. Far Belgium Email List loyalty. Why is lead generation so important? Focus on this study and the key figures. The 9 business marketing priorities. According to this study carried out by Spiceworks, the 9 marketing priorities of companies are Lead generation (73%); Notoriety (39%); Upselling (32%); Promote a new product (31%); Marketing and sales alignment (26%); Position yourself as an expert (21%); Customer loyalty (19%);  Communication (11%); Customer satisfaction (10%); Study on marketing priorities. Honestly, seeing this study, I was initially very surprised.

When we know that winning a new customer is much more expensive than retaining one, it is indeed quite astonishing to see that loyalty, communication, and customer loyalty only arrive at the bottom of the placement. In fact, it is quite normal. When some see the Internet and social networks as a threat to their bottom line, others see it as an opportunity. This is the case for the 73% who make lead generation a priority. Let me explain. Lead generation is a strategy that involves attracting qualified visitors to your website to convert them into qualified and mature leads. To attract visitors, you have different levers at your disposals such as Google SEO or content marketing.

What is lead generation?

Then, you can convert your best visitors into leads by setting up conversion funnels on your website. Finally, your lead generation strategy must include actions to mature your leads in order to convince them to become your customers. To learn more about these last two points, I suggest you consult our guide to lead generation. Why make lead generation a priority? But why do 73% of companies make lead generation a priority, well ahead of customer loyalty? Because lead generation is less expensive. Generating a lead costs 61% less than traditional sales prospecting. In this situation, lead generation becomes the most profitable marketing axis. Lead generation meets the expectations of the modern buyer.


B2B lead generation stats. Besides that, lead generation is a perfect strategy to meet the expectations of the modern buyer. As you can see above, while 90% of B2B decision-makers admit to never answering a prospecting phone call, 61% of them start thinking about buying on the Internet. Your marketing priority must therefore be to attract the attention of your target on the Internet and seduce them online. This is precisely the interest of a lead generation strategy. Marketing and sales alignment, essential to generate leads. When we are more interested in this study, we can notice an inconsistency. If lead generation is the top marketing priority for 3 out of 4 companies, marketing, and sales alignment should follow.

Are you Convinced of Lead Generation?

However, it is considered a priority “only” for 26% of companies, or 1 in 4 companies. This clearly explains why so many businesses fail to conduct a profitable lead generation strategy. Why? How can marketing generate qualified, mature leads that will be converted by salespeople if marketing doesn’t work with sales? To generate leads effectively – that is, leads that will be converted into customers by sales reps – it is essential that both departments have a common vision of the perfect lead. It is a sine qua non for implementing the right actions and disseminating the right messages that will generate the best leads. Here are 4 concrete actions to succeed in your marketing and sales alignment.

The assistant will be based on data from Bing, Yelp, or Yext as well. Finally, Cortana will promote local information from Yelp and Bing. In conclusion. Voice search continues to disrupt Internet user behavior. Therefore, You need to adapt and review the SEO of your website. Also, keep in mind that not all of your content needs to be optimized for voice referencing. Voice search is very often used to get quick and easy answers. Your highly technical articles will have very little opportunity to appear on a voice search. Improve the SEO of your Website by downloading the new edition of our guide.

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