In the race for the most complete lists, I think we hold the record. With 7000 tools, no one will be able to dethrone us! Do you Papua New Guinea Email List website? Generate leads and gain customers? Here are all the tools you need to boost your marketing and sales strategy. To lead an effective B2B marketing and sales strategy, it is important to overcome many challenges: Get your website listed in search engines. Communicate well on social networks. Create effective e-mailings. Write high added-value content. Generate Leads. Feed the buying thinking of your leads. Convert leads into customers. Retain customers and transform them into ambassadors. To successfully tackle them, it is important to use the right tools. And there you have the choice!

I just read an article on an American blog that presented a list of 7000 tools to use for a successful marketing and business strategy. I will perhaps disappoint you but I do not intend to repeat it here or even give you the link to consult it because this article has no interest. Here’s why. Succeeding in your Marketing and Sales strategy means knowing how to limit the tools. When I launched the agency in 2013, I used dozens of tools for myself and my clients that allowed me to communicate well on social networks, create content, generate leads, and convert them into clients. After a few months, I realized that the multiplication of tools was not relevant in a marketing and sales strategy.

Multiplying tools is wasting time

By multiplying the tools, you increase the risk of missing out on business contacts and opportunities. I can no longer count the companies that once confessed to me that they did not know how many leads they generated each month and worse, confessed to me that they had already missed out on contact requests. It is quite natural. The more tools you use, the more complicated reporting becomes. You use several accounts, several e-mail addresses, several types of forms which mean that you cannot humanly check everything without error. This is the reason why I decided to limit my use of marketing and sales tools. I needed a more efficient solution to demonstrate the ROI of my actions to my clients.


No need to develop this point, it necessarily speaks to you: individually, the tools you use do not cost much. Altogether, the bill is steep. What is the solution then? Invest in a global tool! This is the decision we made a few years ago. We traded the dozens of tools we were using for Hubspot, a comprehensive Marketing Automation software. What is Hubspot? Hubspot is a complete tool for managing marketing and sales actions under the same interface. Hubspot is split into 3 parts: The customer relationship part; The marketing part offers features to manage your social networks, feed your website and create Emailings. It also allows you to send automatic emails to your contacts according to their characteristics.

Multiplying the tools means multiplying the costs

And actions on your website and in relation to your communications. The commercial part offers a CRM and interesting tools such as Lead Scoring or an online appointment-making tool. Finally, the customer relationship part allows you, for example, to offer a discussion chat on your website and to set up a support system by opening tickets. Clearly, a Marketing Automation tool like Hubspot allows you to manage all your marketing and sales actions under the same interface. Better still, this tool allows you to edit a reporting of these actions in one click. Convenient to measure the ROI of your actions. Want to learn more about Hubspot? Download our Marketing Automation guide:

Air your texts: the content of your web pages must be scannable. Integrate video: Web sites offering videos are better referenced and generate more leads. Promote customer reviews: 90% of B2B decision-makers are influenced by reviews. Do not present what you do but why you do it. Include pictures: a picture is better than 1000 words! Create content with high added value: a decision-maker reads an average of 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson. Optimize your lead generation forms. Add a Chat Chat: 44% of B2B decision-makers say being able to talk to a real person is essential on a website. Include icons for sharing on social networks.

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