Your website should be your best marketer. The website should work for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Your North Korea Email List leads for future customers. That’s not your situation? Here are 7 ways to generate leads with your website. Is your website playing for you or against you? B2B decision-makers are always more connected and autonomous in their purchasing thinking. He surveys the search engines and goes around the most relevant websites to find answers to the questions he asks himself and the problems he encounters on a daily basis. Your website should allow you to grab his attention and convince him to engage with you. Your website should be the centerpiece of your lead generation strategy.

It penalizes you. Your website must be well referenced in search engines. The user experience must be unique, the content offered must bring value to visitors. Having a showcase site is no longer enough. Worse, having a showcase site serves you. So how do you do it? How to turn your website into a lead generation machine? If your website is not delivering the results you expect, if your website has cost you an arm and you are not seeing the return on your investment, there are opportunities to change that. In this article, I present 7 avenues to explore to transform your internal site into a lead generation machine. Publish high added-value content.

If your website is not optimized

To generate quality leads, you must meet the expectations of the decision-maker you are targeting. The decision-maker no longer expects you to sell your offers. The decision-maker wants you to guide them in their buying thinking and that you show them that your most sincere ambition is to help them achieve their goals. Your website must live in this direction. If your website is all about you and your services, it won’t allow you to generate leads. Your website should talk about your target. Earlier, I asked you if your website was working for you or against you. The real question is: does your website exist for you or for your customers? Each line of your website must provide value to your visitors.


To do this, your content must answer the questions that the decision-maker asks himself throughout his purchasing journey. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. Understanding this buying journey is the key to a successful lead generation strategy: The decision-maker encounters a problem and wants to understand it. The decision-maker sets out to find solutions. This decision-maker has chosen the solution that he considers the best and seeks to validate that his choice is the best.
During these 3 stages, the decision-maker asks himself different questions and encounters various problems. The content of your website must provide the answers if you want to turn it into a lead generation machine.

Provide premium content offers

To generate leads with your website, you must provide contact forms. The mistake that the majority of B2B companies make is to offer only a contact form, a demo form, or a quote form. This poses two problems for your lead generation strategy: First, these forms are forms intended for people in the Decision phase of the purchasing journey. However, people in the Decision phase are few in B2B, even more, if you are an innovative or technological company. Often, the decision-maker does not know your solutions and sometimes does not even imagine that they exist. Your website should offer forms for people who are in the Awareness or Consideration phases saw previously.

Then, offering one or two contact forms on your website is not enough. To generate more leads, there is a simple solution: multiply the forms to fill out by offering premium content offers. Creating and regularly sharing for download original content with high added value allows you to increase the engagement of your visitors. You can do this by offering white papers, guides, case studies, or even registering for a webinar. Here is an example of downloadable content for generating leads. Click New call-to-action. Optimize your conversion funnel. To make it a lead generation machine, you have to think of your website as a funnel. You attract visitors, you encourage them to click on a Call-to-Action button which leads them to a landing page.

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