Being a B2B marketer is no easy task. Marketing is often branded as an unnecessary expense or a topic that Zambia Email Lists a few minutes. Yet Marketing plays a major role in the generation of qualified leads in the era of the connected buyer. Take care of it! It’s hard to be in the B2B Marketing Department. With Marketing, we know how much we spend but we do not know at all what it brings! This remark, within a word or two, I’ve heard it hundreds and hundreds of times in B2B. All the components of the company are convinced of this. Worse, rare are B2B companies in which employees really know.

What Marketing is doing? In particular the sales department. The Marketing Department is however a central element of your commercial development. However, Marketing must play a leading role in prospecting and business development in the era of the connected buyer. Since the buyer alone conducts between 65% and 90% of his buying thinking largely on the Internet, it is essential that the Marketing put in place online actions to grab his attention and convert him into a qualified lead. To do this effectively, your Marketing department must be motivated and proactive. Here are 7 tips that lower the morale of your B2B Marketing department. That you must solve for the good of your entire business.

Your Marketing Department Has No Objective

In a previous life, before creating the Inbound Marketing SLN Web agency, I was a marketing manager in a technology company. When I joined, I immediately asked my CEO what my goals were. When he answered me that it was “to develop the turnover”, I immediately knew that it would be complicated. If your Marketing department is not in good spirits, it is undoubtedly because it does not have specific objectives that allow it to identify the relevant actions to be carried out and the performance indicators to be followed to ensure that it is on the right track. Developing turnover or winning customers is not a Marketing objective, it is an end. Your Marketing department must have quantified.


And time-bound objectives that are complementary to the objectives of the sales department. Your Marketing department is hated by the Sales department. I regularly meet B2B companies in which the Marketing department and the sales department cannot fault each other. At best, they don’t talk to each other and never collaborate. However, for the Marketing department to generate qualified leads and bring them to maturity before passing them on to sales representatives, it is essential that the two departments agree on a common definition of the ideal prospect. This is the only way for the Marketing department to bring qualified leads to the sales department. Otherwise, the Marketing department sends leads that are too low or insufficiently qualified to salespeople.

Who Cannot Convert Them?

And there is a fight between the two services. The sales department questions the quality of the leads generated and the work done by the Marketing department when the latter doubts the skills of the sales department! The Way to Buy in B2B Has Changed: Modernize Your Business Development Strategy by Downloading our Free Guide! No one knows what Marketing is doing in your inbox. This morning, I was talking with one of my students who is in work-study and who told me that her colleagues kept telling her that “you, in the Marketing department, you only do coloring! It was with disappointment that I noticed that nothing had changed for 15 years.

What could be more frustrating for an employee than to see their work not recognized for its fair value? You blame your Marketing department for a lack of ROI. We come back to what we said in the intro: Marketing is expensive but we do not know what it brings! This misconception is really tough and B2B marketers are constantly criticized for a lack of ROI. Sometimes rightly so, often your fault. How do you want the Marketing department to generate and show you ROI when it does not have a specific objective and therefore no indicators to follow? Today, the Inbound Marketing methodology or tools like Marketing Automation allow you to generate ROI for sure.

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