Responsive design is an approach to digital design that automatically optimizes the content for whatever device it is on. You can start maximizing mobile engagement just by making sure that your emails, landing pages, and content pieces translate smoothly from desktop to smartphone. 4. Digital advertising is faster to market market conditions and trends change quickly, and that requires nimble marketing. Lead times for traditional advertising methods are so 1990s. Between the time it takes to create an ad, to the long lead times to buy time or space, your message and your budget suffer from being into a design that was months before it will see the light of day. Digital campaigns can be much more quickly, and they can be on the fly if . Consider that as recently as april, subway was touting a new ad campaign with its long-time spokesman.
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Subway couldn’t distance itself from their pitchman fast enough. Whether you’re trying to capitalize on the news or distance yourself from it, big brands are wise to retain as much pivot power as possible. This ability to modify also comes in handy when considering fluctuating budgets. Companies that have an low quarter can cut back without incurring cancelation fees. And those with an windfall can bump up their buying power with ease. 5. Digital advertising is easily measurable every department to show how it is adding value, and with a digital campaign the metrics are built right in. You know exactly who on your content, it, it, it, etc.

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You also can trace the source of your traffic from entry to the shopping cart and eventual purchase. This will help you determine which platforms and strategies yield the best results, and which deserve more investment. The key reason for tracking metrics is to speak the same language that your ceo and your cfo do. While soft metrics like brand awareness, impressions, organic search rankings, and reach are important, their real value lies in how they can be quantifiably to metrics like pipeline, revenue, and profit.
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