You know it: communicating on social networks requires method, consistency and patience. Do you think you don’t have the Taiwan Phone Number List networks? False excuse! Here are 7 tips for communicating well on social networks when you don’t have time.

Communicating on social networks is now essential for any business. Social networks allow you to gain visibility, develop your brand image and even attract new customers.

In the era of the autonomous buyer, social networks are also an excellent lever for promoting the content you create on your website in order to generate more prospects and convert them into customers.

However, to achieve these goals, it is important to communicate effectively on social networks: it is necessary to publish regularly, generally several posts per week, to respond to your fans / subscribers and to analyze each of your actions on social networks. .

How to communicate on social networks when you don’t have time. Okay, that’s all very well, but I don’t have time to communicate well on social networks! This remark, it inevitably comes back at the end of each training and conference that I host around communication on social networks. It very clearly reflects the image that VSEs / SMEs, associations and start-ups have of communication on social networks.

Unfortunately, they often cannot afford to hire a full-time person to manage their social networks. They can call on a community management service provider, but here too, this has a cost to be taken into consideration.

Do you recognize yourself in this portrait? So what is your decision? You’re ditching social media, aren’t you? But that was before ! 7 tips for communicating well on social networks when you don’t have time!

Define Your Goals And A Precise Strategy

This is the first mistake made by companies that do not have the time to communicate on social networks: since they do not have the time, these companies find that it is better to take direct action rather than than spending several hours working on a strategy they don’t really see the point of.

As for the objectives, let’s not talk about them: the objective is clear, it is to earn money. OK but there you go, this is obviously not precise enough to allow you to communicate effectively on social networks. Admit, do you recognize yourself there too? Don’t worry, I was in your shoes!


By launching the agency’s blog and social networks in 2013, I told myself that it was better to find clients rather than work on my communication strategy. You can’t imagine the time that I was able to waste afterwards, the time that I spent looking for the topic of the article that I was going to write during the day, in finding the posts that I was going to publish on the social networks.

As for consistency, I was not there either. Like you, I posted a lot when I had free time and sometimes I didn’t post anything on the blog and social networks for several days (who said weeks?).

To avoid wasting time, believe me, you must take time to work on your strategy and define your goals. Limit your communication strategy on social networks to the essentials.

This is another mistake that I frequently encounter with my clients: they feel they don’t have time to work on their communication strategy on social networks but create accounts on all the social networks that exist! Paradoxical, isn’t it? Do not have eyes bigger than your stomach and limit yourself to the essentials.

Strategy For Your Social Networks

Hence the importance of knowing your objectives well and having defined a precise strategy identifying in particular your resources and the time that you can allocate to your communication on social networks. With these elements, you will be able to determine how many social networks you can manage effectively.

Whenever you consider an action, ask yourself if it will help you achieve your goals: if so, go for it. If not, as good the idea as it is, throw it in the trash!

To support you in this process, I carried out a study that will allow you to choose the right social networks for your communication.

Work on an editorial calendar for your social networks
To avoid the blank page syndrome and waste time looking for what you are going to be able to post on social networks, I recommend that you work on an editorial calendar in broad outline for the next 12 months and in detail for the 30 next days.

Nothing complicated here, you just have to define the posts that you will publish and the times at which you will publish them on social networks.

To help you, I advise you to base yourself here on all the events of the year such as the end of the year celebrations, Valentine’s Day or even Father’s Day. The calendar edited by MDirector , an overview of which you will find below, will be of great help to you.

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