Communicating on social networks in B2B cannot be improvised. If you want to communicate on social networks to generate leads. And convert the South Sudan Email List strategy adapted to your market. To your customers but also to the specifics of your business. Social networks are powerful levers for generating B2B leads. However, I regularly meet companies who doubt it or who fail to see it. The return on investment of their communication on social networks. The reason is always the same: in a hurry. They started to communicate on social networks without defining a strategy beforehand. Communicating on social networks in B2B without a strategy is a waste of time.

By discovering the 7 steps to follow to create an effective social media strategy, you will naturally understand why. To communicate well on social networks in B2B – understand generating a return on investment – you have to know why you want to communicate on social networks. To define the relevant social media strategy, you must start by setting specific goals: Generate Leads? Ok, how much and in how long? Your social media goals must be quantified, realistic, and time-bound. From there, you will be able to define the actions to be implemented on social networks and to what extent. You will also be able to determine performance indicators to follow to validate that you are not on the wrong track.

Set the goals of your social media strategy

New call-to-action. Decision-makers use social networks in B2B: both in their purchasing thinking and for their monitoring and their personal life. To attract their attention and convince them to engage with you on social networks, you must take into account their areas of interest, their issues and their behavior in your social media strategy. With this in mind, it is crucial to work on your Buyer Personas. A Buyer Persona is the typical profile of your ideal client: from a demographic and behavioral point of view. Identify the resources you can allocate to your social networks. The mistake that I should not make but that I meet regularly in B2B companies: create accounts on all the social networks.


That you know to maximize your chances of generating leads and winning customers. Mathematically, your reasoning holds water. The problem is, there is little chance that you will have enough time to communicate well on all social networks. The companies in this case that I meet give up after a few weeks, the enthusiasm of the discovery passed: their social networks remain inactive for weeks, months, years. And that negatively impacts your image. To communicate well on social networks in B2B, it is crucial to define the number of social networks that you can manage effectively according to the human and financial resources that you can allocate to your social media strategy.

Base your social media strategy on your Personas

Identify the right social networks to communicate well in B2B. Now that you know your target’s expectations and have identified the number of social networks you can manage, it’s time to take a look at your choice of social networks. To define an effective social media strategy in B2B, you must determine which social networks are suitable for your objectives and your target. It is of course important to justify your choices. LinkedIn is generally an obvious social network in B2B. Facebook and Twitter are networks that are also very popular with B2B marketers. To go further: What are the effective social networks in B2B? Define the editorial line for each of your social networks.

To communicate well on B2B social networks and generate qualified leads, it is important to publish content that brings value to your target. In your social media strategy, you must identify all the topics to be addressed to meet the expectations, issues and questions that your target asks themselves during the purchase journey. Your editorial line must include the themes you will be discussing but also your publication frequency and the best times to publish according to social networks. Work on your editorial calendar. This step should be a simple formality if you have worked well the previous steps. It is simply a question of integrating into your social media strategy.

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