Your website must be at the heart of your B2B lead generation strategy. For this, it is essential not to limit it to a South Korea Email List it to make it a lead generation machine. Where to start? Here are 7 quick improvements to make to your website. Referencing – or SEO – is arguably the most powerful lever for generating qualified leads on the Internet. Well-referenced, your website will allow you to attract thousands of visitors from search engines. To rank your website well and generate qualified leads, you need to use the right keywords. If you don’t use the keywords that your potential customers are using on the search engines, you will never be found.

The first thing to do to improve your website is to identify its strategic keywords. Include your keywords in the right tags. Your keywords must be present in all strategic places of your website: the URL of your page, the title tag, the meta-description tag and the Hn tags. The title tag defines the title and provides HTML / XHTML information. The title of the page is displayed in search results. The meta description tag is the short description of your page that also appears on search results pages. Hn tags allow you to structure the content of your page, like I), II), III) in your school essays! Correct 404 errors. Nothing is more annoying for a visitor than to find the page.

Use the right keywords

Which answers in principle to his research and which ends in “error 404”. This dreaded page is an HTTP status code which means that the requested website page could not be found on the site’s server. While a 404 error can be caused by a user error typing the full URL of your website incorrectly, it can also represent broken links or a misplaced page on your website. Needless to say, the more 404 errors you have on your website, the fewer search engines will highlight you…! To identify 404 errors, I recommend using the Google Search Console tool. Fill in the alt attribute of your images. Used with HTML code to describe the look and function of a web page image.


The ALT attribute is useful in several ways. First, the ALT attribute allows visually impaired readers to understand the displayed image. Then the ALT attribute is displayed instead of the image if the image is not displayed. Finally, the ALT attribute provides search engines with better context for indexing images. New call-to-action. Improve the Visitor Experience to Generate Qualified Leads. You can write the best blog post in the world, if your website is slow and messy, you will fail to retain your visitors and therefore convert them into leads. Here are some improvements to your visitor experience to generate leads Optimize your site for mobile devices. Differences in screen size and load times for the variety of devices people now use to access.

Improve your SEO to Generate Qualified Leads

The Internet can be a problem. This is because if the design, structure, and speed of your website do not organically take this into account, your visitors will not continue their visit to your website for long. The good news, however, if your site is already well optimized for search engines, optimization for mobile devices only requires a few tweaks. Monitor and reduce loading times. More than ever, information at the end of the click is the norm, instant satisfaction is a need, and expectations in terms of loading are high for Internet users. If your site makes them wait even a fraction of a second too long, your visitors will leave you. Reduce loading time to generate leads.

Unnecessary code, too large multimedia files, or images coupled with insufficient hosting power can be the final blow to your website. Google has provided a simple solution with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which helps you create web pages with static content so that code is removed and page speed increased. Configure a conversion tunnel. Well-thought-out content drives the number of qualified visits. The simple fact of offering up-to-date, relevant information on your website that helps your target audience in their purchasing journey, however, is not necessarily a sign of lead generation. Your visitor’s journey must be marked if you want to convert your visitors into leads. Like in a store. Within your different pages.

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