Have you invested in Marketing Automation software but are unable to generate the return on investment you were hoping for? It is Uganda Email Lists settings. Here are the 7 most common mistakes that prevent you from profiting from Marketing Automation. In reality, understanding Marketing Automation software as a whole is very complex and you can quickly spend more time configuring it than doing manual tasks … To fully benefit from your Marketing Automation software, it is essential to respect the fundamentals and avoid very frequent errors. Winning customers is not a specific objective for your Marketing Automation. It is an end. How many clients? What turnover does this represent? Under what timeframe?

A specific goal is a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. You don’t have the right content. Marketing Automation software is just a tool that allows you to send your content to the right person at the right time. The problem, if your content is not good, you will fail to generate leads and/or convert them to customers. Your Marketing Automation software will have nothing to do with it. To get the most out of your Marketing Automation software, you need to create content that delivers value to your target audience along the buying journey. You are not using all the features. If you’ve invested in Marketing Automation software like Hubspot.

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Without being accompanied by a partner agency, you inevitably realized that it was going to take you some time to fully understand its features. Problem: If your Marketing Automation software has all of these features, it’s not to look pretty. This is because they are essential for your strategy. Lead Scoring measures the qualification and maturity of a prospect. Lead Nurturing and Workflows allow you to effectively fuel the buying thinking of your leads. Lists allow you to properly segment your database. Some Marketing Automation software even allows you to create your content and distribute it, all under the same platform to facilitate reporting and increase your productivity. Want to Better Leverage Your Marketing Automation Software?


Download our Free Guide. You do not segment your contact base well. To send the right message to the right person, in the right place, and at the right time, it is essential to properly segment your contact base. Unless you prefer to send each of your emails one by one. But there, your Marketing Automation software loses all its interest. o properly segment your base, it is essential to have the right information that will allow you to create contact lists according to the lead’s profile, their objectives, their issues, and their level of maturity. Here we can offer you a 15-minute Marketing Automation Audit. You do not collaborate with the sales department.

You don’t have specific goals

Marketing Automation software is designed to generate qualified leads and pass them on to salespeople for conversion at the best time. Once those leads have matured. Problem: If you haven’t worked with sales to define what characterizes a qualified and mature lead, chances are the leads you send them aren’t good. Do your salespeople appreciate your leads? Are they successful in converting them? If not, consider aligning your Marketing with Sales. You are using too many tools. This is a mistake I made myself when I switched to Marketing Automation. I used many tools to communicate on the Internet. I had my habits with Buffer for my social networks, with MailChimp for my Emailings… Do you see the trick?

For lack of time and because I had my head in the handlebars, I always postponed the moment when I will stop using all these tools to take advantage of the functionalities of my Marketing Automation software. The problem is that by multiplying the tools, we also increase the risk of missing leads and of making approximate reports. Your Marketing Automation software is made to make your life easier. Enjoy it. You don’t have an Inbound Marketing strategy. Your Marketing Automation software is at the service of your strategy, and not the other way around. To take full advantage of your Marketing Automation software. You must have an Inbound Marketing strategy adapted to the expectations and behaviors of your targets.

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