Completed the salesperson’s survival kit consisting of a landline phone, a paper directory, and a bag full of leaflets. Completely obsolete, it no Poland Email List modern buyer. Here are 7 marketing tools to help salespeople prospect in B2B. Visit notifications. Your sales cycle is long, as is the buying thinking of the B2B decision-maker. Your salespeople can sometimes go several weeks or even months without being in contact with their prospects. Sales reps write a note to call their prospects back in X weeks or X months. But what happens between now and then? Either nothing or calls without added value can tense prospects. Many tools allow you to configure notifications for your sales.

Representatives when their prospects visit the strategic pages of your website. At the agency and with our clients, we use the Marketing Automation Hubspot tool for this. This tool allows us to know that Mr. Martin came to the site 5 times last week and which pages he visited. By identifying the strategic pages of your website such as the services page, for example, you can configure automatic notifications that send an alert to your sales representatives. Salespeople can call their prospects at the best time. They are right on time. In addition, between two telephone contacts, your sales representatives can also measure the degree of involvement and maturity of their prospects.

Points of tracking mail

A prospecting email often takes on the look of a bottle tossed into the sea when your salesperson doesn’t receive a response. Throwing a new bottle into the sea seems to be the norm for many salespeople, but is it rational? Too many promotional emails to a single prospect can quickly make you look like a spammer. An email tracking tool lets sales reps know if their emails are open. Even better, they can know exactly when they are open. Always better, they can also know from what type of device they are open. With this tool, you know in real-time what is happening to your emails. Exit the bottles in the sea, you now throw hooks. And it is much more efficient. New call-to-action.


The cat. Your prospects all have questions in mind. Your website should answer most of these questions, but what happens when the questions are pointed? Sometimes, unfortunately, your website cannot answer all of your qualified visitors’ questions. The presence of a Chat tool on your high added value pages gives your sales representatives the opportunity to receive questions from qualified contacts. Your sales representatives can therefore be called upon for their expertise by being comfortably seated behind their desks. Salespeople no longer sell. They help. And this is the key! Email sequences. Annoyances are part of the salesperson’s job. Even if everything may seem to align to sign a prospect followed for 6 months, an external event can block the deal.

However, all is not lost

The famous, “I no longer have any visibility at the moment. The best is that we will remember in 3 to 6 months ”sounds like the death knell for several hours of hard work. The efforts that your salespeople have made so far are not to be thrown in the trash. With an email sequence tool, you can manage your email reminders over time. The idea here is to configure automatic email sequences that will fuel your prospects’ thinking for several months. Preparation work is necessary to get the best possible timing for your messages, but once you press the “send” button, your sales representatives will automatically feed their prospects. In the worst case, the prospect does not follow through.

In the best case, your prospect appreciates your follow-up and continues the exchanges when he has visibility again. Email templates. To make a difference to your prospects, your salespeople must be imaginative. Indeed, for a contact that marks the spirits, salespeople must add personalization and contextualization to the basic discourse to their pitch. In writing, therefore by e-mail, the rule is often the same. Here we find the Pareto principle or the 80-20 principle, which means that 80% of the text is the same from one prospect to another when 20% is specific to each prospect. By following this principle for the emails of your sales representatives, it makes sense to create email templates that they can personalize according to their prospects.

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