And now, Game of Thrones comes to an end with this eighth and final season. Did you like, adore (and Afghanistan Email List the series? Keep a part of Game of Thrones in you with these 7 Marketing lessons to learn from this legendary series. To make the most of your time spent in front of the screen! Game of Thrones is an exciting storyline and breathtaking setting. It’s also dozens of hours spent on your sofa and, as with any legendary series, an indescribable and inevitable feeling of emptiness after the last episode. But Game of Thrones is also a strong lesson to learn to improve your Marketing and Digital Marketing strategy.

A Persona is the typical profile of your ideal client. To carry out your marketing strategy, you must know who your target is. This is the basic Marketing rule. This is also a crucial rule in Game of Thrones. Be like Sansa Stark who has always been able to adapt to people and situations throughout her journey, especially with the Lannisters. His father probably should have done the same! Your customers and prospects are inundated with content. You need to leverage all the data at your disposal to personalize and contextualize yours if you want to grab their attention. The key to a successful marketing strategy is to bring value to your target according to its context.

Work on your Personas

its level of maturity, its issues, needs, and expectations. Just like Dany – sometimes Princess Khaleesi, Reine des Mereen or even Mother of Dragons – who has always known how to adapt his speech according to the hordes of opponents, always aligning them with his cause. Make your community your ambassadors Your community is made up of your customers, naturally, and your partners. It also includes your website visitors, your social media subscribers, and your newsletter subscribers. You must make all these beautiful people your best ambassadors. The buyer is much more sensitive to content created by a third party rather than by you directly. Do like Dany Targaryen. Dany can rely on an army of supporters, always more numerous, who will fight for her unconditionally.


They just love who she is and what she conveys. For example, in a few minutes, she was able to seduce 3 “ambassadors” ready to fight against a rider with a sword twice the size of them. This is the type of person you need to drive ROI with your marketing strategy. Retain your customers. It’s a well-known marketing rule: retaining a customer costs much less than prospecting for a new one. Unfortunately, many times the only communication a customer receives from a business is an invoice. You need to fix that and improve your customer experience. The challenge in your marketing strategy is to be able to measure the level of satisfaction of your customers.

Personalization and contextualization is the key

And to send them the right message at the right time and in the right place to optimize it. When you sign a new client, you know it’s for a limited time. You must then do everything possible to retain him “for life”. Just like Catelyn Stark who made Brienne promise to always protect her daughters. After Catelyn’s death, Brienne will do anything to complete her mission. Clearly define your goals What works today in one situation will not necessarily work tomorrow in another. What will The Bloodhound do with Arya Stark after Mad Aunt Lysa’s death? Under what circumstances will Dany remain Queen of Mereen? What would have been the best scenario according to you?

The situations change, the actions to be taken too. But you must have a clear idea of ​​the destination you are aiming for to arrive safely. Define your objectives (via the SMART method ) and deduce performance indicators from them to be monitored regularly to verify that the actions you take will allow you to generate a return on investment with your marketing strategy. Know your enemies. Cristiano Ronaldo once said he wouldn’t have been so good if Lionel Messi hadn’t existed. Okay, that’s football and it has nothing to do with Game of Thrones. But do you think Tyrion Lannister would be Tyrion Lannister without Cersei and Tywin? Of course not! To conduct an effective marketing strategy.

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