As proof, a recent study reveals that 77% of Internet users read blogs and that 46% of Internet users consult more than one blog per day. The Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List is just as much since there are more than 6.7 million bloggers around the world and that 33% of B2B companies already use the blog in their communication strategy. So how do you do it? How to stand out from the crowd? How to promote your blog? Here are the 9 steps to follow!

9 essential steps to promote your blog
Step # 1: Submit a quality blog!
This first step is essential. If your blog offers no added value and is only a pale copy of your competitors’ blog, your actions will be doomed to failure … As with your services or products, it is the quality that you will promote your blog and gain new readers.

To publicize your blog, nothing better than to create high added value content that will naturally be relayed on social networks.

Here are the criteria that your blog posts must meet:

Your blog posts should do a few things for readers: they can solve, educate, inform, or distract.
Your blog posts should be unique!
Your blog should tell a story (we talk about storytelling).
Your blog posts should be current.
Step # 2: Use the right keywords!
To promote your blog, you need to make sure that your articles rank well in the search engines. For this, you must set up a natural SEO strategy based on strategic keywords.

To Set Up A Natural Referencing Strategy

Concretely, it is a question here of defining the requests that Internet users could enter on Google for which your article would be a relevant answer.

Take the case of this article: the keyword on which I must position myself is simple “How to make your blog known”. It is then up to me to use all the natural referencing techniques to optimize the position of this article in the search engines.

Step # 3: Be visual!
A picture is better than a thousand words. If there is one area in which I must progress to develop the audience of my blog, it is this one.

Getting attention to your blog and posts is essential. In the age of smartphones, mobile navigation and infobesity, the image is the best eye-catcher.


To attract Internet users, your visuals must be unique. So avoid using an image in a copyright free image bank that can be found on hundreds of blogs. I know, it’s easier said than done …Then, personalize your visuals with a text hook featuring the content of your article.

Also consider illustrating your articles with pictures. In addition to making reading more enjoyable, the images are relayed on social networks and will allow you to promote your blog even more.

Finally, the visual of your article also goes through its layout. So take care to put articles, colors and air your text.

Step # 4: Create a community!
If the blog is social media, it is no accident. To promote your blog, you must build a quality relationship with your readers so that they become your first ambassadors. For this, I offer you 5 tips to establish a human relationship with your community on social media.

The basic principle is to think above all of your readers and to provide them with quality content if you want them to relay it: win-win!

I Suggest 4 Steps To Follow In This Conference

Step # 5: Analyze your targets!
Since the beginning of this article, we repeat that the best way to promote your blog is to write quality content, which brings added value to your target. But for that, it is essential to know your target well.

What are the issues that your target encounters? What types of content does she like to consume? What social media is she on?

To answer these questions and offer a blog adapted to your target, you must define their profile in great detail: we are talking about Persona Marketing .

Step # 6: Send personalized emailings!
Just like the blog, despite what some “experts” may think, emailing remains a relevant communication lever and undoubtedly the most popular among marketers.

However, to promote your blog through emailing, you will need to ensure that your posts are ultra-personalized.

How to do? Here are 5 steps to writing the perfect email marketing!
Step # 7: Solicit Influencers!
One of the best ways to market your blog is to enlist the help of influencers in your industry.Influencers are people who are very present on the internet through their blogs and social networks.

Unlike you today, they already benefit from a large community and everything they share enjoys significant visibility. So why not enjoy it ?

Again, for an influencer to respond to your sharing request, your message will need to be personalized, but also your content to be quality content. Its credibility is at stake. In addition, influencers are solicited dozens of times every day so be imaginative!

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