Writing a blog post takes time and patience to generate a return on your investment. To capitalize on your efforts, here Israel Email List and get the most out of them. An infographic is an illustration synthesizing a set of information around a subject. Infographic is a very popular format on social networks because it is very visual and allow you to retrieve key information at a glance. Rather than a long speech, here’s an example: I’m converting this blog post to the infographic below. Turn your Blog Posts into Lead Magnets. A Lead Magnet is a downloadable content that allows you to generate leads. Concretely, you offer visitors to your website to download.

This content in return for their contact details and key information allowing you to qualify or not your leads. You can convert your blog posts, the best ones, to PDF and offer them for download on your website. For example, we did this for our guide to B2B Inbound Marketing. Turn your Blog Posts into Emails. Email is an excellent lever to convert your prospects into customers. Well used, E-mail allows you to fuel the purchase thinking of your prospects to bring them to maturity before transmitting them to salespeople for conversion into customers. A prospect leads alone between 65 and 90% of his buying thinking. In other words, he does not agree to speak to a salesperson.

Turn your Blog Posts into Infographics

We’re talking about Lead Nurturing. Turn your Blog Posts into Videos. Video is very popular with buyers. They are in fact 90% said that watching a video helps them make a buying decision. In addition, today’s video represents the vast majority of internet traffic and the reason is quite simple: our time is limited and on the move, we are very fond of the video format. So it’s in your best interest to convert your blog posts to video. Turn your Blog Posts into Podcasts. The podcast is a content format that is on the rise in France. Transforming your blog posts is really easy: just record yourself reading your blog posts and then upload them to podcast platforms.


We do this regularly for our blog posts and the result is quite interesting. Here is an example. Turn Your Blog Posts Into Social Media Lives. Live video is a great format to be seen on social media. The idea here is also very simple: you can feature your blog post in a live video on social media. The advantage is great for your target: they can ask their questions in real-time and you can therefore answer immediately, which ensures interesting proximity. Live video on social media is a great way to build close relationships with your prospects. Turn your Blog Posts into Slideshow Presentations. You can of course use a tool like PowerPoint here.

Ideas to make posts profitable

First, analyzing the right data allows you to check the relevance of your actions and optimize your social media strategy over time. Then, social networks offer you a whole lot of data around your target: their areas of interest, their problems, their behaviors, their demographic characteristics … Here you have all the keys in hand to send the right message to the right person, in the right place, and at the right time. Because that is ultimately the challenge: to communicate well on social networks, you always have to be right! Acquiring traffic is one of the pillars of digital marketing because it is assumed that the higher the volume of visitors to a website.

More investments made will generate a high return on investment. It’s a shortcut that’s far too easy. Having carried out numerous traffic analyzes, there is no direct relationship between the volume of visitors to a website and the amount of income generated by this same website. Does that sound curious to you? Even improbable? To validate the performance of your digital marketing actions, there is one indicator that is essential: the conversion rate. So you want to generate more return on investment with your website? Here are 5 concrete tips to apply now. A conversion occurs when the visitor to a page on your website performs the action for which the page in question was designed.

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