The Landing Page is a key element in converting your website visitors into leads. How to create a Landing Page that converts? Here is Solomon Islands Email List a Landing Page to B2B. If all goes well, you get qualified visitors to your website, they click a call-to-action button, and they land on a landing page. There, he finds himself facing a form. If they complete it, they are converted into leads. Otherwise, you have failed. The Landing Page is therefore a central element in your lead generation strategy. Here are the 7 factors to optimize to create an effective B2B Landing Page. A number of links and conversion rate on the landing page.

As we can see in this infographic produced by Unbounce, the number of links on a Landing Page directly impacts the conversion rate. The average conversion rate for a Landing Page that contains only one link (or call-to-action button) is 13.5%. Between 2 and 4 links, it drops to 11.9. From 5 links, the conversion rate of a Landing Page is only 10.5%. We also notice here that nearly 70% of Landing Pages contain 5 or more links. This is because the majority of B2B marketers don’t think about removing the navigation menu! An Effective Landing Page loads quickly. The weight of your images directly impacts the loading time of your Landing Page.

An Effective Landing Page has only one link

And, therefore, its conversion rate. In B2B, the decision-maker is often in a hurry. If your Landing Page doesn’t load quickly, it will leave it and you won’t be able to convert it to a lead. New call-to-action. An Effective Landing Page reassures the visitor. To optimize the conversion rate of your Landing Page to B2B, you must reassure the visitor. As we have just seen, the B2B decision-maker is in a hurry. To convince them to take the time to fill out your form, you can include customer testimonials or other social proofs (number of likes, number of shares, etc.) in your Landing Pages. Landing page conversion rate with social proof.


We note that a Landing Page that presents social proof has a conversion rate of 12.5% ​​against 11.4% on average. However, 76.8% of marketers do not include them in their Landing Pages! An efficient Landing Page offers an adapted form. In B2B, the form is the factor that most impacts the conversion rate of a Landing Page. If the conversion rate of your Landing Pages is low, it is very likely that your lead generation forms are not suited to your target and are not consistent with the offer you are offering. Here, I recommend you to consult this article presenting the main reasons why the decision-maker does not fill out a form on a B2B Landing Page.

The source of traffic also impacts your conversion rate

An Effective Landing Page gets straight to the point. Also because the B2B decision-maker is in a hurry, it is important that the content of your Landing Page goes straight to the point. How many words in a landing page. We notice here that the more words a Landing Page contain, the lower the conversion rate. Please note: I recommend that you include a minimum of 300 words on your Landing Page here. It is a sine qua noncondition for it to be well referenced in search engines. An efficient Landing Page is adapted to Mobile. The conversion rate of a responsive landing page. Here, we’ll keep it simple: internet traffic from a mobile device is now more important than internet traffic from a computer. If you want to generate leads with your Landing Page.

It must inevitably be suitable for navigation from a mobile device. We can see here that a responsive Landing Page has an average conversion rate of 11.7% against 10.7% for a Landing Page designed only for the computer! Impact of the traffic source on the conversion rate of a landing page. And yes: the conversion rate of your Landing Page also depends on the source of traffic. If a visitor comes from an advertising campaign, SEO, social networks, or an Emailing campaign, you will have more or fewer chances of converting them into a lead. Thus, we notice that the conversion rate of a Landing Page is 13% on average for visitors coming from an Emailing campaign when it is only 10.7% for a Google AdWords type advertising campaign!

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