This is a complex criterion to handle given that your location is by definition fixed and that at the same time, you cannot Indonesia WhatsApp Number List prospects is. You will especially need to ensure that the pages you want to position on a local search are well optimized for this location.

So think above all to properly integrate information such as the name of the city targeted in the Title tags and in the Hn tags. Also use long tail keywords targeted to a specific location in your content. Google tries to reflect as much as possible the notoriety and importance of certain places as they are in real life.

Sometimes it happens that places of interest are not very present on the web, but that they position themselves very well in local referencing because they benefit from a very good reputation offline.

To simulate this, beyond the information present on Google My Business or the websites, Google will use all the information it is able to find on the place in question. It will be based in particular on the ratings of Google reviews, links, articles or directories mentioning this place.

You will need to list your website in the major local directories or business directories. For example, remember to come forward to Chambers of Commerce or local associations related to your activity. Avoid at all costs too low quality directories that are poorly perceived by Google. Mentions in local media (press, blogs, YouTube channels, etc.) will also help increase your local SEO. Do not hesitate to distribute press releases to these organizations.

If you work in partnership with other local businesses, list yourself on your websites to build your local awareness. Finally, do not overlook the weight of reviews, whether on Google or third-party sites. So offer your satisfied customers regularly to leave ratings and comments about you!

How To Properly Reference Your Website?

Obviously, you should not neglect the good practices of “standard” natural referencing to improve your local referencing.

Tip # 1 – Create and optimize your Google My Business page
This is the most important step. Indeed, some companies manage to rank well locally without having a website but having a busy Google My Business page. To create your Google My Business page, you will need to go here .The procedure is then well explained.

You can find our tips on optimizing your Google My Business page earlier in this article!
Tip # 2 – Work on your keywords for local SEO
How to choose the right keywords for good local SEO? The method is not so different from the one used in natural referencing and already discussed in a previous article .


To find out more, you can consult it but here is a summary of the questions you will need to ask yourself to choose the right keywords essential to your local SEO strategy:

What research are your customers / prospects doing?
What are your main products / services?
What is your catchment area?
Regarding the catchment area, for a good local referencing, it is generally your town or the nearest town if you are located on the outskirts.

However, in the case of weak competition or if your offer is rare, it may be extended to your department, or even your region. This is for example the case for Karting or Paintball activities which do not exist in all large cities.

Tip # 3 – Optimize the SEO of your website
We are mistakenly talking about the referencing of a website. Indeed, we do not refer to a site but a page.

You will therefore have to optimize the referencing of each page of your website. The referencing of your pages goes through three points.

The Importance To Go Further

To go further: The 5 commandments of SEO
Tip # 4 – Subscribe to (quality) directories
The idea here is to justify your location as much as possible. The more sites that indicate your location, the better you will be referenced.

You can therefore register your business in typical directories such as the yellow pages, Yelp, Tripadvisor and so on … it’s up to you to define the platforms that will be of use to your business.

Tip # 5 – Get reviews and ratings
Reviews and ratings are your guarantee that your business is a great one.

Let’s not forget, Google’s goal is to satisfy Internet users. He therefore directs him towards the best products and services. To do this, do not hesitate to encourage your customers to give their opinion via a communication on your premises, a competition or other.

Also show your customers that their reviews are important to you and give them a relevant response, especially if the reviews are rather negative.This will be an opportunity for you to reduce their reach and promote positive opinions.

Tip # 6 – Communicate on social networks
Social networks will not have a direct impact on your local SEO.

However, your activity on social networks will allow you to make yourself more visible to your customers and prospects, to promote the creation and sharing of content that concerns you.

Concretely, social networks will participate in the optimization of the previous advice : they will justify your location a little more and will generate quality links to your website.

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