Analyze your actions. To attract new customers to your website, you will not only need to follow the 4 steps Ivory Coast Phone Number List and patience. The first results will take several weeks – even months – to fall.

So how do you know if your traffic acquisition strategy is working correctly?
To check the relevance of your actions, you must analyze all the data at your disposal. By using tools such as Google Analytics , in particular , you will be able to know in real time everything that is happening on your website. How many Internet users visit your website? What pages are they going to? How much time do they spend on your website? What source do they come from?

Be careful, however, not to get lost in this mass of figures and information. We recommend that you initially limit yourself to the following information: To generate leads on your website, you must configure your conversion funnel there via the following 3 points:

Offer premium content to download on your website (eg: white paper);
Integrate call-to-action buttons at strategic locations;
Refer those buttons to optimized landing pages;
To generate leads on the internet, you have to concretely grab their attention with quality articles and then encourage them to download premium content to go further in their thinking via a call-to-action button and an optimized landing page. Here is an example :

Checklist – How to create an effective emailing
Imperative # 4 – Integrate the leads generated into your CRM
Now that you have collected your visitors’ contact details and validated their interest in your brand, they become qualified prospects. Like any self-respecting prospect, now you need to register their details and convince them to buy.

Why No One Visits Your Website

To do this, use your CRM or Marketing Automation software to register your new prospects and plan personalized communication actions that will transform the test.

Imperative # 5 – To generate leads on the internet: analyze and do tests!
You won’t find the optimal method the first time to generate leads on your website. You will need to take it gradually and make adjustments to your website.

This can range from the size, location or color of your call-to-action button, the title of your landing page to the topics covered in your content. All the elements of your website must be thought out and optimized to convert your visitors into prospects. The key is to analyze each of your actions with tools like Hubspot or Google Analytics and to test regularly to find the perfect recipe!


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How to generate leads on the Internet (concretely!)?
In this interview conducted by Rudy Viard from Webmarketing Conseil , I present to you the method that I put into practice with my clients to generate qualified prospects on the Internet and convert them into clients.

I thank Rudy for this stimulating exchange. We had a lot of fun chatting on a good mood and I hope you will enjoy watching the video as much:

Have you spent an insane amount of money creating your website but no one is visiting it? Having a beautiful website is good, but if no one sees it, it is useless. Why is your website left empty? Here are the 6 most likely reasons.

This Is A Very Common Error That We Find With Our Customers

If you want to generate more leads and gain new customers, it inevitably goes through your website. Your customers now prefer to inform themselves on the web before contacting a service provider.

Therefore, if your website is not visible, you can be sure that a good number of your potential customers are visiting the competition. If today your website does not attract more than a few dozen visitors each month, there is a good chance that you will find yourself in the following 6 errors!

Reason you are using the wrong keywords
In order for your site to attract visitors, it must rank well on Google and search engines. If no one is visiting your website, it is most likely because it does not appear in the first few pages of search results for the keywords your targets enter.

Concretely, your website must include these strategic keywords regularly in your texts, your titles and in the key tags to be well referenced on Google and therefore to be visible.

Be careful, if your products are new or technically complex, your customers may not know they exist or they may not know exactly what a product or service like yours is called.

Therefore, there is no point in referencing your website on the keywords directly linked to your offers, but rather to opt for keywords relating to their problems and for which your offer is a solution. Clearly, the path is less direct.

You are not posting enough content. Very recently, I was contacted by an IT agency who did not understand why no one was visiting their website and why they were behind all of these competitors on Google, even the smallest ones.

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