We already mentioned it in the previous point: your content may be the best content in the world, if it isn’t seen it will not be read. To increase the Latvia Phone Number List marketing strategy successful, you need to promote your content effectively.

To promote your content, you have several levers at your disposal, the two main ones being social networks and e-mailing.

First, consider adding a subscription form to your newsletter on your website. You will be able to regularly send a newsletter to subscribers to inform them of the posting of new content on your website.

When it comes to social networks, you need to make sure you invest in the right platforms and promote your content there when your target is most connected. To use social networks effectively, I recommend that you work on an editorial calendar and regularly analyze your actions to validate the distribution slots in particular. Which brings us directly to the last P of Content Marketing.

The 4Ps are all essential. I say that quite simply because very often, you forget the 4th. You create the right content, you promote it on social media and via a newsletter, but you don’t analyze your actions. However, performance analysis is essential to carry out a long-term Content Marketing strategy!

This is indeed the analysis part of your Content Marketing actions. Web communication is a boon for that: unlike traditional communication, you have the ability to monitor the effectiveness of your actions in real time and instantly make the necessary changes to optimize your return on investment.

Free tools like Google Analytics allow you to check the number of visitors currently connected to your website, to analyze the number of visits and the time spent on each of your pages and to monitor many other indicators. Why deprive yourself of it except to fail?

But How Did We Get There?

In the age of the Internet and Social Networks, your customers clearly express a preference to go and find information on their own rather than being annoyed by unwanted communications. In this situation, you must identify their problems and provide them with solutions in order to encourage them to approach you. This is Inbound Marketing.
Inbound Marketing is a strategy that concretely consists in attracting more visitors to your website and converting them into qualified prospects and then into customers. The goal of inbound marketing is to attract customers to you rather than chasing after them.

For some “Old School” salespeople, this definition of Inbound Marketing may seem like a curious practice that defies all logic of daily call volume and door-to-door prospect meetings. However, the world of sales and customer relations has indeed changed profoundly.

You have certainly noticed that our daily and permanent use of the Internet has permanently changed the relationship we have with information.


When you have a question or problem to resolve, you don’t wait for someone to call you or knock on your door with the solution. No, the common practice is to compile the most accurate keywords and submit them to your favorite search engine.

Whether for personal or professional use, seekers of solutions to their problem are undoubtedly ready to reward the brand that will best respond to their research by becoming a customer.

This change gives consumers the power to make their choice, to compare, to select, to judge the relevance of a product or a service without having to travel, without requesting any commercial service and even worse, by contacting directly. of the brand’s customers via dating and testing platforms .

Salespeople can therefore no longer be called upon as the main gateway for a new client.

Traditional Marketing Is No Longer Suitable

The power is now in the hands of the customer
You may see it as a threat at a time when the sales and marketing departments no longer have control over their communication, when before publications were created, controlled and distributed only on the main communication channels (TV, radio, official website…).

We see in the Inbound Marketing approach a set of opportunities to be seized!

Beyond this simple observation, if you too are aware that customers are more and more and better and better informed, here are the main feedbacks from the latest study by the company Hubspot, a publisher specializing in Inbound Marketing software, that will convince you to take the plunge. Selected pieces :

Your customers know as much as your sales representatives
Customers today don’t want to hear you repeat what they already know and have read on your website. The salesperson, who previously had all the knowledge of his product and / or service, must now put on the costume of the facilitator partner for his prospect.

The challenge now is to know how to measure the cost of customer acquisition
How much is a new customer costing you? Not how much it earns you but how much it costs you! Yes, the question is asked the right way! If you can determine very precisely the costs linked to the acquisition of a new customer (costs of your commercial approaches, travel, event fairs, events of all kinds …) you will have no trouble distributing a percentage of this amount the implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy.

raditional advertising is no longer popular
Here we can address the notion of analyzing your Marketing actions. Inbound Marketing is primarily characterized by attracting and converting visitors to your website into customers.

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