Twitter, you’ve all heard of it. It is the social network with 140 characters, the kind of start-up valued at tens of Iran WhatsApp Number List won a kopeck since its creation in 2006!

Worse, Twitter continues to lose more than 510 million euros in 2015 ! And yeah, we are very far from the start-up that you created in your room between two pizzas and that you had to close because you could not pay your “business card” bill at Vistaprint! Long live America ! Well, I see you coming: “Well it’s all rotten Twitter, nothing to square your blue sparrow! “. Well, you screw up, Twitter is full of potential!

Here are 6 reasons why you absolutely must create an account and spend your days there:
To progress, there is nothing better than following inspiring people! People who feel successful and who can convince you that anything is possible in life.

With Twitter, you have the chance to meet people that you would never meet in real life. (Especially by spending your weekends in underwear in front of BeIn or redoing season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy!).

You Will Follow Interesting People!

Twitter is a “Real-Time information network”. It is written in the description of the network! With Twitter, you will be informed of everything before everyone else and you will be able to tell it to yourself at the coffee machine. Even if you don’t feel like tweeting, you won’t be able to do without Twitter. You can let go of your Télé Z to mom, the Breaking News is on Twitter .You will be at the heart of the trends! Fashion is you! Fashion is you!

Not only will you follow people who inspire you and you will know what is happening in the world before it happens, but you will also be at the heart of the trends. Thanks to the hashtags on Twitter, you can follow all the topics that are buzzing around the world! So are you more of a Directioner or a Belieber?


You will contact your favorite brands!
Well he still said Siteuplet!
Well he still said Siteuplait!

Brands, they love Twitter too much. With Twitter, they manage their after-sales service and promote their products in 140 characters. Objective buzz!

Suddenly, if you subscribe to Twitter, you will be able to share your demands and be listened to. After all, you’re tired of always having the Creuse magnet in your Père Plump package! You will be one click away from your favorite celebrities!

Like brands, celebrities are big on Twitter. Already to promote their Samsung (kindly offered by the brand!) That they took pictures and tweeted from their iPhone (their real phone… Yes, true story!).

You Will Be Informed Of Those Excluded In Real Time!

Then, if they are on Twitter, it is to be close to their fans and they do not hesitate to show them their gratitude on a regular basis. So go ahead, send a tweet to Kimmy des Ch’tis Marseillais in Gif-sur-Yvette and you can be sure that she will send you her kisses and her love! You will become a star! Swag your Twitter

When you have done all that, it will be up to you to have your moment of glory! Are you a “Slip Jumping” pro or do you have an arduous training course to get into the house of secrets? Share your life in 140 characters and subscribers will tumble down without warning.

Well if they don’t come by themselves, go get them, for 3 euros you will nab 10,000 Indian followers… Well what, it’s not given to everyone to be a star in Bollywood !? So what are you waiting for?

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