The Inbound Marketing strategy makes it possible to attract visitors to your website to then convert them into leads and then into customers. It’s a powerful strategy, but it can’t be improvised. To El Salvador Email List questions to work on before you get started. What is the difference between setting up an Inbound Marketing strategy and an innovative project? None (or almost!). Inbound Marketing leads to rethinking the way your marketing and sales organization operates, thus bringing its share of innovations. When managing an innovative project, before investing in a prototype or launching the production of a product, we make sure that everything is in place to generate a return on investment.

Do you want to switch to Inbound Marketing but still have doubts? We are going to put the Inbound Marketing strategy under fire with questions that make an “innovative idea” a stable and structured project. Does the Inbound Marketing strategy contribute to the strategic axis of the company? Like any innovative project, the implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy must make its contribution to the strategic axis of the company. Bringing something new must necessarily rhyme with improvement. If your project doesn’t go in this direction, chances are it will never see the light of day. The implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy is a practice that contributes to several strategic axes of your business.

The internal process level

Let’s start from the beginning: knowing the expectations and Pain Points of your Personas. We cannot repeat it enough, knowing your target is essential for the success of your Inbound Marketing strategy. A regular study of your Personas is beneficial for your business. Since it allows you to stay informed of the evolution of the expectations of your target. Second, the reflections to be carried out to implement the Inbound Marketing. Strategy requires you to review the way your salespeople and your marketing department work. You must therefore clearly define your sales processes, the interactions between the marketing and sales departments as well as the proper consideration of the purchase journey of your prospects.


Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. It is not yet finished! One of the major objectives of Inbound Marketing is the generation of Leads that directly contributes to the commercial development of your company. How are your Leads managed today? What is the quality of the leads generated? How much does it cost you to generate a lead? and so many other questions to ask yourself about your ability to generate processes and sign Leads. The implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy, therefore, contributes to several strategic axes of the company: Better knowledge of your customers and prospects. Better alignment of marketing and sales teams. The development of Leads and therefore of turnover.

A sustainable competitive advantage

Does the Inbound Marketing strategy generate? When we compare the types of actions carried out between Inbound and Outbound Marketing, we quickly realize that the major interest of Inbound Marketing actions is their lifespan. Telephone prospecting actions, for example, will no longer give any results once they are stopped. In contrast, writing quality articles, optimized and working for SEO has the immense advantage of having an online presence of several years. In summary, writing an article that takes half a day can bring you new visitors and new leads for several years. Create content, long term benefits. The competitive advantage that an Inbound Marketing strategy gives you over time does not stop there.

The more value-added content you create on your site, the more pages you have created on your site, the more your natural traffic will increase. Mathematically, more traffic to your site equals more Leads and therefore more customers. And this for several years. Let’s continue with writing content on your site. Content creation meets 2 objectives: That attracting new prospects. That of transforming your Leads into customers. For the second point, your marketing and sales teams will have to work together to determine what content on your site helps sales reps in their sales process. The duration of the sales cycle is then reduced thanks to the implementation of lead nurturing actions.

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