The success of your lead generation strategy depends directly on the quality of your forms. Not Rwanda Email List would like? Do you have a lot of visitors to your website but your conversion rate is not good? It’s time to improve your lead generation forms! Your Digital Marketing actions allow you to generate more and more visitors to your website. It’s great. But what do your salespeople and your general management think? Having visitors to your website is good, but it’s not enough to gain customers. Even if your digital marketing performance indicators on visitor attraction are green, you are missing one essential thing: lead generation.

Converting your visitors into leads inevitably involves submitting a form. Improving your lead generation forms should therefore be your priority. Collecting information is good. Getting the right information is better. To avoid turning your lead generation form into a police questioning, focus on the things that are essential to you. To select the critical information to ask your visitors, align the marketing and sales departments. These two services need the information to best process the leads generated. Summarize it to keep everyone happy and update your fields in your lead generation forms. New call-to-action. Guide your visitors as much as possible: drop-down menus, labels, and ” Placeholders. When filling out your contact form, your visitors will most certainly have to ask themselves questions.

Concentrate on the essential fields

The types of answers you ask your future leaders should not distract them from their actions. By that, I mean that your visitor should not be wondering: “what kind of information should I put in this field?” He might leave without finishing filling out your lead generation form or filling it with the wrong information. To avoid this, guide your contacts as much as possible by telling them the type of information expected in specific fields using Placeholder. Also, opt for drop-down menus to avoid typing errors and insert clear labels in front of all your fields to minimize typing errors. Minimize distractions. Filling out a lead generation form is a critical time in lead generation.


A single element disturbing your visitor during his action to encourage him to give up. To prevent your lead from running away before filling out the lead generation form, you need to provide them with a distraction-free experience. In order to limit the number of potential errors, you should also minimize the number of actions required by your visitor. Their only concern is to fill out your contact form. It is therefore necessary to remove from your Landing Page the navigation menus, the access links to other pages, and of course the CTAs ( Call-to-Action ). Errors sometimes happen even when you think you have optimized everything for your visitors. In these cases, your visitor will have the unpleasant experience of not being able to press.

Clearly indicate error messages

The “Download this white paper” or Submit button. A typing error, an inverted field, or even a forgotten field happens … often. Worse, if he has to search for several seconds where his error came from, he may lose patience and close the page on which he is. Your visitor will therefore never become a lead. All of this is played out with one detail, but it’s the details that make the difference when it comes to lead generation. If there is an error while entering your lead generation form, you must indicate very precisely what you expect from your visitor. Otherwise, you risk seeing him go. Adapt your forms according to the purchasing journey.

Imagine that tomorrow, you are offered to participate in an activity for which all participants will have a reward. Owl! Except that this reward is a bottle of water and the activity takes you all day. Does the deal seem unbalanced to you? You yourself, wouldn’t you participate? Your visitors have the same feeling when you ask them to give 15 different pieces of information to receive a white paper containing 5 pages. To improve your lead generation forms, you must adapt them to the purchase journey of your visitors. For this, it is customary to request an average of 5 to 6 fields perform and to opt for solutions that allow you to upload smart forms.

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