Our opinion on Hubspot? Yes, but not just any old way! I promised you an objective Hubspot review, I will be. Hubspot is Tanzania Email List everyone. In any case, it is important to be aware of certain risks and to prepare your investment. Implementing Hubspot isn’t just about technique. To generate a return on investment with Hubspot, you are going to have to fundamentally change your marketing, sales, and more than that. Hubspot is a brick of digitalization. Who says digitization says support for change. Why? Hubspot is going to transform the way Marketing does Marketing and therefore the way the sales department sells.

In other words, Hubspot will change the daily life of the 2 services. Marketing will now play a major role in the commercial development of the company and everything will be played on online actions. The salesperson will have to manage incoming Leads, more or less qualified and especially more or less mature. Managing these Leads is not the same as cold prospecting. Besides that, Hubspot will allow you to track sales emails and offer modern features like making appointments online, directly in sales reps agendas. Some love it, some bump into it but some are reluctant, often taking it for cops. To make your investment in Hubspot profitable, you will therefore have to support or have supported your Marketing department and your sales department.

Convert your visitors into leads with a landing page

The fewer time visitors spend on your website, the less Google will judge your site to be relevant and the more difficult it will be to position your pages in the search engine. You must therefore analyze this performance indicator carefully. Do this for your site as a whole, as well as for all of your pages. By identifying pages that do not hold enough attention from your visitors, you can improve their performance by evolving their content. To go further: How to write content for the web? Sources of Traffic. With Google Analytics or other analysis tools, you have the possibility to analyze the origin of your visitors. Where do they come from? Most likely, they will come from search engines.


But they can also come from social networks, referral sites, your mailings. Monitoring this indicator will allow you to determine which actions to take to attract more qualified visitors to your website. This is called traffic acquisition. To go further: How to attract more visitors to your website? The Number of Visits from Search Engines. As we have just seen, most of the visits to your website will come from Google. Improving the SEO of your website is, therefore, a crucial issue in attracting more qualified visitors and converting them into leads. To validate that the actions you take to improve your SEO are paying off. You can regularly monitor the number of visitors you generate from search engines.

Do you get the idea?

To go further: How to optimize the SEO of your website? How to monitor the performance indicators of your website? Keep it simple! To analyze the performance of your website and validate your return on investment, it is not necessary to scrutinize all the statistics at your disposal. The challenge of a website is to generate qualified leads for salespeople so that they convert them. That’s all. If you follow us on this blog, we regularly repeat the importance of analysis in any good digital marketing strategy and inbound marketing strategy. It is true, it is even essential. But it is just as important not to fall into the extreme. Do you want to improve the performance of your website? Turn it into a Lead Machine with Inbound Marketing!

Naturally, as we mentioned previously, you must offer different content offerings that cover the entire purchase journey of your target. In order for your visitors to agree to leave you their contact details for a premium content offer, they must first notice your offer. For this, it is essential to integrate call-to-action buttons – Call-to-Action – in each page of your website. New call-to-action. Here is an example of Call-to-Action. For your lead generation strategy to be successful, your Call-to-Action must be: Visible; Incentive; Adapted to the visitor’s position in the shopping journey; Do not hesitate to integrate several Call-to-Action if your page is long enough. Now that your visitor has clicked on your Call-to-Action, your goal is clear and unique: to convert them into a lead.

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