Generating leads is not enough in B2B. To convert them into customers, you need to generate qualified and mature leads. What is a qualified and mature lead? How do you generate leads that are qualified and mature? Take Seychelles Email List Mature Lead? A qualified and mature Lead is a prospect who has shown an interest in your business, who has the profile of your ideal prospect, and who is ready to make their buying decision. All of the words in this definition are important. First, a good leader is a lead that combines all the characteristics of your ideal prospect. He is so qualified.

Then, a good leader is a leader who has understood his problem well and who has a precise idea of ​​the solution he needs to solve it. He’s mature. Generating qualified and mature leads is essential because they are the only leads that your salespeople will be able to convert. If you send marketing leads that are not qualified or mature to your salespeople, you send them to the pipe breaker! Now seeing how to generate qualified and mature leads. Define the Typical Profile of your Ideal Prospect. To generate qualified and mature leads, you need to know in detail the characteristics of your ideal prospect. So you have to determine it by working your Personas.

Attract Qualified Visitors

The challenge here is to identify the demographic and behavioral criteria that characterize a qualified prospect who is ready to buy. Don’t make the mistake of working your Personas alone, in your own corner. To be effective, it is essential to integrate the sales department into your thinking. After all, the leads you generate will go to sales reps for conversion. It is therefore essential to align marketing and sales to generate leads that will be converted into customers. New call-to-action. Now that you know the characteristics of a qualified and mature lead, you can do everything possible to attract visitors who match this profile to your website. For that, you must activate different levers: content creation, SEO, social networks, or even email.


Content is the engine of your lead generation strategy. You must offer content on your website that responds to the issues and questions that your ideal prospect is asking themselves in their buying thinking. Only in this way will you be able to attract them to your website. The B2B decision-maker does not want you to just sell your offers, he expects you to guide him in his buying thinking. Another important lever to attract qualified visitors is the good SEO of your website. 61% of B2B decision-makers start their buying thinking on a search engine. The good SEO of your website is, therefore, a crucial issue. Configure a Conversion Tunnel on your Website.

Feed the Buying Thinking of your Leads

Attracting visitors to your website is a good thing. But if they leave as they came, that won’t allow you to generate qualified and mature leads. To convert your visitors into B2B leads, it is essential to set up a conversion funnel on your website. A good B2B conversion funnel consists of the following elements: A premium content offer such as a white paper or a demo request; Un Call-to-Action; A Landing Page; A lead generation form; The mechanism of the conversion funnel is simple. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps You attract visitors to your website, you encourage them to click on a Call-to-Action to recover a high-value reward.

The visitor arrives on a Landing Page from which he fills out a form. There you have it, your visitor has become a lead. Measure the Qualification and Maturity of your Leads. At this point, you have generated qualified leads. But they are not mature. Stat lead is not mature in B2B. 73% of the leads you generate in B2B are not ready to buy. And that’s usually why it gets stuck in the B2B companies that I meet. Marketing often tends to pass all the leads it generates to salespeople. It can’t work. Before transmitting a marketing lead to the sales department, you must measure its level of qualification and maturity. Comment? By using the Lead Scoring methodology.

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