Data analysis is also an important challenge for the marketer of a start-up. Your future marketer should like numbers. Analyzing the Togo Email List marketer to identify all growth opportunities. And optimize their strategy over time. You don’t have time to waste to generate growth. Your marketer will not have to waste weeks carrying out an action that is not profitable. This is not about expecting your future. Marketers to know how to develop a website or a mobile application from A to Z. However, it is essential that the marketer of a start-up has some knowledge of codes to make. Minor changes to its content but also to be able to speak with your developers.

Best of all, if your future marketer has API notions, hire him! He will thus be able to link different Marketing tools to optimize the ROI of your growth strategy. Be Familiar with the User Experience. User Experience is the pillar of your growth. The marketer of a start-up must know how to draw key information from the analysis of his data and his Digital Marketing actions that will allow you to improve your User Experience. He must also think about his strategy so that it is in line with the User Experience offered by your product. Master Marketing Automation. To generate growth quickly, it is essential to equip yourself with Marketing Automation software.

Sending a typical copy/paste sales

Marketing Automation will allow you to scale your Digital Marketing strategy. By automating low value-added tasks to allocate time to save on the implementation of new actions. Marketing Automation via its Lead Scoring. Lead Nurturing and Workflow features will not only automatically feed your leads’ buying thinking. But also reduce your churn. And manage all your social networks under the same platform. These tools have the advantage of allowing you to communicate well on social networks even if you don’t have the time. To Generate More B2B Social Media Leads, Last point. The tool is at the service of strategy. If you don’t have a documented marketing and sales strategy, don’t invest in Hubspot.


If, on the other hand, you already rank higher in search engines than the competition or are very passive, the number of blog posts you will have to write will be less. We support a lot of innovative companies which naturally do not have a lot of competition: in this very specific case, there is no point necessarily in publishing 12 blog articles per month. The number of blog posts you should post directly depends on your goals. You won’t have to write the same volume of blog posts if you are aiming for a 20%, 50%, or 100% increase in the number of leads you generate. Aligning your business goals with your marketing goals is essential here.

Prospecting email to all of your prospects

Do not forget also that to generate more leads on your B2B website, you can also act on your conversion rate. Wanting to attract more visitors to your website is a noble cause, but if your conversion rate is bad, it’s a bit like if you are pedaling in the semolina. Analyze your actions to define the ideal frequency of publications. In conclusion, there isn’t a magical number of blog posts for generating leads in B2B. It all depends on your resources, your market, and your goals. The best thing to do is analyze the performance of your stocks to determine how many blog posts you need to write. We regularly test with our clients: we start by writing a volume of blogs.

The lead is neither qualified nor mature: he is taken out of the commercial process. If the lead is qualified but not yet mature – which happens in 73% of cases – we feed their buying thinking through a Lead Nurturing system. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. Very often, I meet companies with a good lead generation strategy but who pass on all the leads they generate to salespeople without validating that they are mature enough to talk to them. As we have seen in the preamble, the B2B decision-maker only agrees to speak to a salesperson after having carried out between 65% and 90% of his purchase thinking. In other words, once it has reached maturity.

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